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Shimano Dura-Ace SPD-SL PD-9000 Pedals

Stiff, lightweight, and silky smooth. These are the dominant characteristics of the top-end Shimano Dura-Ace SPD-SL PD-9000 Road Pedals. With an extra-wide platform that efficiently delivers exceptional power uniformly to the axle via a wide bearing placement, these pedals are the choice for many top pro riders, even those on teams not sponsored by Shimano. The injection molded carbon fiber bodies are seriously durable and inherently stiff. Shimano has incorporated a stainless steel body plate that further inhibits flex and prevents wear on the carbon body. These are the pedals for true performers who value mileage, reliability, and power transfer over extreme lightweight. And yet at 249 grams for the set, Shimano has delivered a highly competitive weight as well.

A defining characteristic of Dura-Ace pedals has always been the use of three bearing systems. Very high quality Shimano steel ball bearings are used inboard and outboard, while a wide roller bearing sits in the middle, bringing extensive axle-to-body interaction that keeps the load on the three bearings, regardless of the pedal forces brought to bear by the rider. Combined with the ultra-stiff carbon body and stainless plate, this pedal system is wonderfully stiff and smooth. The axle and bearing interface is serviceable, but even pro riders with tens of thousands of miles on their PD-9000's report that service has never been required.

With the release of the SPD-SL PD-9000, Shimano introduced a new self-centering cleat, referred to as the SM-SH12. This is the cleatset that comes with the pedals. It's walkable surfaces are blue for easy identification. This cleat features only +/- 1° of angular float, limiting freedom of movement. Although the PD-9000 was optimized for the new cleat Shimano still offers the non-centering options of the SH11 (yellow) cleat with 6° of float and the fixed (zero degree) SH10 (red). The current retention system and the blue SH12 cleats allow the toe of the cleat to automatically center and reduce lateral movement. Your local bike fit specialist can assist you if you have questions. The cleats themselves feature the Delta-style 3-bolt design, though optimized for Shimano's SPD-SL shoes, the shape works with most other 3-bolt models that have a slightly curved sole.

As with all Shimano pedals, the rear retention spring is adjustable, allowing you to customize release tension with a few turns of a 2.5mm hex key. The stainless steel axle is installed with an 8mm hex key from behind the crank interface. Always use a little grease on the threads and check for tightness after your first ride, and whenever you clean and lube your chain. As you select your option, please notice that Shimano is offering these pedals with two axle lengths, which impacts your Q-factor, or the distance from the center of the bike to the center of the pedal. The long axle version has a 4mm longer spindle (from the standard version) to ensure a better alignment for riders who benefit from a wider stance. Standard (52mm) or long (56mm); pedal with confidence, security, and efficiency knowing that you are riding the best road pedals Shimano can engineer.


  • SPD-SL Road pedal system that is stiff, light, efficient with maximum power transfer
  • Design features wide, supportive pedaling platform, serviceable mechanicals
  • Outstanding build quality and material
  • Injection molded carbon composite body
  • Stainless steel top plate of protection/stiffness
  • Body supported by the three bearing systems, inboard, outboard, and center roller bearing
  • Includes blue SH-12 three-hole cleat featuring +/- 1° float
  • Stack height: 13.7mm
  • Release tension spring adjustable with 2.5mm hex key
  • Install with 8mm hex key through back of crank arm
  • Cornering clearance angle to road: 32°
  • Options: Standard length axle (52mm from crank to center of pedal), or Long (56mm)
  • Weight: 249 grams (standard), 258 grams (long)

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