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Pika Packworks EEP Standard Travel Case

The Pika Packworks EEP standard bike travel bag fits most road (59cm and smaller) and mountain bikes with a distance of 27" or less from the stem to the fork dropout. The Stretch model is for larger 60cm+ frame sizes. The Standard accomodates bikes up to a 44" wheel base and measures 49" x 28" x 10".

Pika Packworks travel bags are extremely well designed and are a pleasure to travel with. They are made with durable, high quality materials so they will last. Each bag is hand-crafted in Park City, Utah with careful attention to detail by a skilled artisan. The bag is tailored to fit the shape of a bike and has padding, pockets and handy external straps exactly where they are needed making the case very easy to carry. 1000 denier cordura nylon provides protection for the outside of the bag and the inside of the bag is lined with 400 denier cordura nylon. A heavy-duty zipper seals the bag on the top and sides.

The Pika EEP Bike Bag is smaller than most travel bags so it fits in virtually any car and travels more like a large suitcase. It weighs less than 11 pounds so it is easy to keep the packed weight below 50 pounds. The zippered closure is designed to allow for easy TSA inspection without the contents of the bag being spilled or mixed up. Many professional riders and pro teams have used the Pika EEP Bike Bag for extensive bike travel with fabulous results.


  • 10.3 pounds
  • Tailored to fit the shape of a bike
  • Used by many professional teams and riders
  • Hand-crafted in the U.S. with high quality materials
  • Travels like a large suitcase and fits in virtually any car
  • Zippered closure is designed to allow for easy TSA inspection
  • Padding, pockets and handy external straps exactly where they are needed
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Posted on 5/2/2016

My wife and I just returned from a trip to Spain and the bikes made it both ways with no problems or damage. We werent charged for bikes on the outbound leg. Not sure if thats due to Lufthansa baggage policy, the agent being busy, or the down-low nature of the Pika bike bags. Packing the first time took some figuring out and a trip to Home Depot for some foam pipe insulation and bubble wrap (being extra careful), but re-packing the bikes for the return trip went very smoothly (about 45 minutes for both bikes). Interestingly, there were 2 other cyclists on our return flight and I noticed that both had Pika bags as well! Appears to be the go-to bag for those in the know. One thing to be aware of, my 58cm S-Works Roubaix just barely fit in the standard case. If my stem wasnt slammed, I might have needed the larger case. Also if your cable housing length is minimal, positioning the correctly bars can be tricky.

Pros Affordable, secure, easy packing, low profile

Cons No wheels, tight fit for large-ish bikes


Posted on 3/8/2016

Just returned from nice trip in Belgium. I have used the Pike bag for my 29 and my Road bike many times in the last few years. Construction is top notch and never one single issue with flying. Easy to carry through the airport on the shoulder even dragging a roller duffel behind. The only bag I recommend. Period. Buy one, or two.

Pros Excellent build quality, light weight, roomy


Posted on 7/10/2014

I bought this case several years ago. It's holding up very well, and the airlines have not yet managed to destroy the case or the bike (if you pack it carefully). I am currently sitting in the Atlanta airport, where I am making a connection to fly to France. When I checked in in Houston this morning, the Delta representative didn't even ask what was in the case and proceeded to check my bike in as regular luggage. I have flown with the bike about a dozen times, and I have only been charged extra for a bicycle once. I figure this case has paid for itself about three times now.

Pros Packs easy, usually flies free

Cons None


Posted on 6/1/2014

I was a little wary of the Pika soft case (b/c I'd always used a hard shell case) but after three trips it has been problem free, I have yet to be charged a bike fee by the airlines, and it fits in the trunk of most rental cars. I also have a Trico and, while a hard shell case has benefits, I can't imagine under what circumstances I would ever use it, or any case other than my Pika, again!


Posted on 7/6/2011 7:40:18 PM

I got mine in February of 2011 and have flown my mountain bike from Florida to Portland, Oregon twice and to Vancouver, Canada once with it. I have a full suspension carbon fiber mountain bike and have not had any problems with the Pika Pack. It weighs 40 lbs with my bike, wheels, shock pump, and tools in it. So now I also put chest/back armor, arm guards, leg guards, and my shoes in with the bike and still come in under 50 lbs! My bike is a size small so I would recommend going with the bigger bag for mountain bikes. I have to let the air out of my tires and fork to get it to fit. The other bonus is it fits in the trunk of rental cars like a Chevy Impala or taxi’s. This bag is very well made and super sturdy. I highly recommend it.


Posted on 4/10/2011 12:07:30 PM

Awesome bike bag! Easy to pack your bike in with good protection. I have yet to fly with it but was able to pack my bike on a interisland cruise here in Hawaii and do a bit of riding on Maui. Was able to summit Haleakala which was awesome! No questions from the security people when checking the bag in to the ship. Hopefully will have same results when traveling to the mainland with my bike in the near future.


Posted on 10/4/2010 7:54:26 AM

I’ve had a Pika Packworks bag for almost 10 years now since hearing about it from a friend who was a USPS rider and he said it was the bag he personally used. I’ve flown with it and shipped it separately domestically and internationally 3-7 times a year and never any damage. It’s easy to store and light to carry, unlike a Trico case, which I also have. With a carbon frame bike I zip-tie foam tubing around each tube for extra protection. I don’t know if it’s really needed but for a few extra minutes, it’s additional peace of mind.


Posted on 8/11/2010 3:03:01 PM

My wife and I have used the EEP bike bags for several years now on domestic and international flights with no incidents. The bag comes with simple, easy to use instructions for packing your bike. The materials are high-quality and have proven to protect our Cervelo R3s and wheelsets with no scratches, dings, or other problems. A nice bonus is that the bag unfolds easily for TSA airport inspection so you don’t have to worry about TSA pulling stuff out and restuffing the bag. The foam protection for the bike is ingenious. The lightweight features means that you can pack your bike, helmet, shoes, and other tools (i.e., seatbag, etc.) without exceeding the 50 lb. weight limit for airplanes. My 58 cm Cervelo R3 with wheels, shoes, helmet, a couple of bike kits, and tools weighed in at 31 lbs. As a side note, we have also used our EEPs to ship our bikes domestically via FedEx. Although we had some hassles with FedEx (misdirected shipping) the bikes - and the bags - came through fi


Posted on 7/17/2010 5:29:12 PM

Just picked one up and I have already flown on 2 different carriers 3 times without any additional fees. At $125 a leg for the normal bike fee it’s paid for itself! Oh it works great as well with 0 damage to my mountain bike so far... But one and tell them it’s exercise equipment when they ask!


Posted on 6/17/2010 12:06:56 AM

Agree w/ above. Hands down, THE BEST! Flown internationally and domestically 2-3 times a yr for past 5 yrs, w/ carbon bike and wheels, never a ding or scratch. Remove handle bar, strap to top tube w/ included top tube pad/strapping; remove rear derailleur, packs into included pouch; I zip tie chain to big chain ring to immobilize chain; remove wheels/skewers, and saddle/seatpost, you’re done. Excellent seat/tools/ storage pouches on both sidewalls, next to each wheel. 8 out of 10 times I get away w/out extra baggage fees. Last time I said, massage table, I’m a physical therapist. And that’s even if they ask. I have the bigger one, the smaller one is WAY under the radar. Will fit in ANY trunk. REALLY small and light. When you are carrying it on shoulder and not rolling, this also helps not draw attention. I have the Trico hard case for when I ship bike ahead of myself w/ UPS etc. But this is just unbeatable. I’ve looked into many others, none beat it.


Posted on 12/23/2009 11:41:48 AM

Hands down, the best bike case I’ve used. I’ve used it to transport a 58 cm carbon frame with carbon wheels overseas and domestically with absolutely no damage. Because the bag itself weighs less than 12 lbs, I’m never charged overweight fees. Every now and then I can avoid oversized fees by describing the bike as "sporting equipment." Disassembly is minimal and I can usually rebuid the bike in less than 10 minutes with only an Allen wrench (which I pack in with the bike).