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Pika Packworks EEP Stretch Travel Case

The Pika Packworks EEP standard bike travel bag fits most road (59cm and smaller) and mountain bikes. The Stretch model is for larger 60cm+ frame sizes. The Stretch model accomodates bikes up to a 45" wheel base and measures 50" x 30" x 10".

Pika Packworks travel bags are extremely well designed and made with durable, high quality materials. Each bag is hand-crafted in Park City, Utah with careful attention to detail. The bag is tailored to fit the shape of a bike and has padding, pockets and handy external straps exactly where they are needed making the case very easy to carry. 1000 denier cordura nylon provides protection for the outside of the bag and the inside of the bag is lined with 400 denier cordura nylon. A heavy-duty zipper seals the bag on the top and sides.

The Pika EEP Bike Bag is smaller than most travel bags so it fits in virtually any car and travels more like a large suitcase. It weighs less than 11 pounds so it is easy to keep the packed weight below 50 pounds. The zippered closure is designed to allow for easy TSA inspection without the contents of the bag being spilled or mixed up. Many professional riders and pro teams have used the Pika EEP Bike Bag for extensive bike travel with fabulous results.


  • 10.3 pounds
  • Tailored to fit the shape of a bike
  • Used by many professional teams and riders
  • Hand-crafted in the U.S. with high quality materials
  • Travels like a large suitcase and fits in virtually any car
  • Zippered closure is designed to allow for easy TSA inspection
  • Padding, pockets and handy external straps exactly where they are needed
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Posted on 5/10/2013

I have a Hase Pino tandem, that comes apart right behind the front wheel. I can fit both parts of the frame, both wheels, and helmets in the Pika Stretch, and I put the tandem seat, pedals, and all other stuff in a separate (regular) large suitcase. I have made 2 round trips via British Air (Seattle to Prague and Seattle to Budapest) and the bag has worked beautifully. (British Air doesn't charge for bikes.) The Budapest trip just completed showed the value of a soft sided case. In my jet-lagged fog, I put the left captain's pedal on the wrong way (I knew better) and stripped the threads. We were touring on our own, but thank goodness the tour organizer lived close by and mobilized the whole town (truck drivers to transport the bike, machine shop, bike repair shop, etc.) and they fixed the pedal.

Pros Sturdy, Strong Zippers, Light Weight

Cons None