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Hutchinson FastAir Tire Sealant Kit

The Hutchinson Fast air tire sealant kit repairs and inflates at the same time. It works for small punctures up to about 1mm. Improved hose adapter ensures that all of the sealant will make it into the tire.


  • Shraeder or Presta
  • Hose attachment
  • 75ml
  • good for 1 tire

    This item must ship UPS Ground and to United States Continental Addresses Only

  • $12.00
    Item is in stock


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    Posted on 10/5/2011 3:53:35 AM

    I agree about the sealant leaking all over the place. But that was from remounting on a Fulcrum from a Dura Ace tubeless wheel. The other was on an Intensive tubeless 25mm tire and it went with no problems. Since then, the tires stay consistently inflated for weeks with only a few pumps to get them to recommended pressure. Tubeless tires are a pain in general to install, with or without sealant. The Fast Air did do its job though!


    Posted on 11/8/2010 6:48:49 AM

    Just get Stan’s. I’ve tried 3 cans of Hutchinson FastAir. It’s a product that just doesn’t work. Sealant spews everywhere and after the big mess you still need a compressor to seat the tire. Dries fast and is difficult to remove from rim, spokes and hub ... and anything else it gets on.


    Posted on 3/2/2010 5:46:38 PM

    Hmmm. I’m not sure about this stuff. I used one can to mount two Hutchinson Atoms on Dura-Ace tubeless rims. I wasn’t able to get much air in the tires before sealant started leaking out of the top of the can. The Atoms fit on the Dura-Ace rims tighter than any other tubeless combination I’ve mounted. I think I could’ve inflated them entirely with a floor pump. I did so after putting in a little air and sealant with the FastAir. I wonder if the FastAir works better when there’s a leak or when mounting new tires that fit less tightly. If some air had been escaping more sealant might have been drawn into the tire. Still I’d be hesitant to use this on road unless I had no other option; 1) Sealant leaked all over the wheel and 2) I couldn’t get much pressure in the tire. The only possible advantage is adding sealant without removing the valve core, but I’m not confident it inserted an effective amount of sealant. For now, I’ll stick with NoTubes sealant