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Sportful Fiandre Glove

Venturing out on your bike at 32 degrees Fahrenheit in dry weather requires a strong will and commitment to cycling. When it is 34 and wet, on verge of snow or sleet, it requires the kind of drive that separates the best from the good. Or perhaps just the mildly crazy versus a balanced perspective. Whichever defines you, when you head out you need a functional insulated glove that allows you to easily manage your shift and brake controls while steering your bike. You require a tactile feel and grip that encourages you to relax your hands and fingers- which encourages blood flow and reduces overall upper body tension. So the glove you choose can do a lot more than protect your digits. The Fiandre line from Sportful delivers this performance on this level, developed in the Dolomites and designed to protect while keeping you warm and comfortable. The Fiandre Glove was built for cold, wet conditions, yet seems as slim as some other mid-weight gloves. From the shape to the materials, and the finished construction, this exceptional glove will allow to optimize your coldest shoulder season and selective winter training schedule without worry.

With the Fiandre glove you get the barrier protection you require from the Polartec Neoshell membrane fabric and fully taped and sealed seams. Keeping the cold and wet out is crucial to heat retention, and the barrier is enhanced by a fleece lining that is soft and comfortable on the skin, but is also a great thermal layer. The light loft and space between the fleece fibers traps and holds heat, yet allows moisture to release from the skin. The light movement of the glove on the hand in use actually draws moisture away, which is then lifted and allowed to pass on through the membrane for release. With the Fiandre Glove the breathability rate isn't exceptional as the primary goal is to retain the heat. Moisture release is secondary, but still effective. A tall neoprene cuff, featuring a slim zipper for easier on-off actions, seals tight against the upper wrist to keep water and cold air out.

The synthetic palm base offers durability and good bar feel, while the palm and fingers are liberally decorated with injected silicone grip zones that are placed and aligned for premium effectiveness wet or dry. You always feel in control, without a death grip hold on the bar or hoods. Again, being able to relax you hands allows better blood flow, keeping you warmer and safer, so the extensive, proper use of the silicone is crucial to performance and your comfort level riding while in harsh conditions. Another aspect of this, and a prime feature of all Fiandre line pieces, is the commitment to anatomically shaped fit for proper ergonomics and reduction in unwanted bulk. The Fiandre Glove has a natural pre-curved shape that is designed specifically for cycling. It may also be very useful for carrying a cup of coffee post ride, or perhaps while driving or scraping ice off your windshield, but would be awkward for general purpose use. It is a winter cycling glove that delivers premium protection and performance when you can't risk less than the best.


  • One of the most functional gloves for cold, wet weather available
  • Excellent insulation and barrier qualities against wind and water
  • Comfortable with natural anatomic fit and shaping
  • Polartec® Neoshell® membrane on the outside and fully taped for total protection
  • Neoprene cuff with slim zipper seals tight against upper wrist skin to keep water out
  • Fleece lining for comfort, traps heat in airspace, eases moisture out to next layer
  • Synthetic, reinforced palm with injected silicone grip zones on palm and fingers
  • Pre-curved, bar-gripping shape feels natural, not bulk, while gripping or on controls
  • Reflective transfer logos offer some visibility when you need it
  • Rated down to 32°F in wet or dry weather
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL
  • Color: Black/Fiandre
  • Weight: tbd
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