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Silca Fixed Valve Core Extension Kit

Silca Fixed Presta Valve extensions work on all Presta valve types. These are the fill tube type that install over an open valve core. They are also great to carry taped to a tire lever in your flat kit in case you need to borrow a standard length valve stem tube and use deep-section wheels. These do not move the valve core to the top of the extension. If you are looking for extensions which move the valve core, please look at the Silca Removable Valve Core Extensions.

Silca Presta Valve Extensions are a premium U.S. made valve extender that offers air-tight installation without tape or threadseal while reducing noise and vibration on the road.

The dreaded valve stem click has tortured many a deep-section wheel rider over the years often only discovered after about everything else on the bike has been rebuilt and greased. Valve stem clicking or rattling occurs when the valve stem moves within the valve hole in the rim - generally on rougher roads or the little gaps on bike paths and sidewalks. Silca uses a patent pending ribbed gasket which is compressible to both fit more tightly to the hole as well as to cushion any contact between the rim and extension. This clever solution is certainly more refined than electrical tape we sometimes employ.

Silca Presta Valve Extensions work by simply threading over top of an open Presta valve, and work on both fixed core and removable core Presta valves. Silca extensions solve air leakage due to poor thread fitment or to stem loosening by using both elastomeric gaskets at the interfaces as well as a thin film sealant on the thread surfaces. There is no need for Teflon tape when using Silca valve extensions as the sealant for the thread interface is already inside the threads. This thin film seals air-tight and is non-adhesive so your extensions will be re-useable.

To ensure proper fit, you should measure the distance from inner rim face to base of tire well. Valve stem, plus valve extension should measure 14-24mm longer than distance between rim inner valve hose and outer valve hole. A quick method is the sum of the valve stem length plus the valve extender length should be about 20mm more than the rim profile.


  • Made from CNC 6066-T6 aluminum with elastomeric gaskets
  • Extensions have 2.5mm hex (Allen) opening at the top for tightening
  • Package Contains 2 Extensions pre-coated in thread sealant and 2 ring gaskets for additional seal at the valve
  • Made in USA

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