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Selle Italia Flite Saddle

The newest Flite saddle from Selle Italia carries forward the Flite tradition, while hewing to many of the must up-to-date preferences of many accomplished pro and amateur cyclists. With a flatter profile, a short, mid-width back, and quick transition to a slightly wider central area and nose, the Flite provides an ideal platform for pedaling power and efficiency, without compromising support or comfort. Though the shape, width, and feel may well work for many riders, Selle Italia uses their idmatch fit system to best identify the correct saddles per rider requirements. The new Flite is considered an L1, or a longer distance between ischial bones (sit bones), with an 1 (low) hip angle. Our take is the system is geared towards of sport to pro level cyclists, not the truly recreational riders. The 145mm overall width of the Flite may be "L" for long, or wider sit bone placement, but in many contemporary saddle fit systems, this would likely fall into the medium, or middle width category. A slight relief channel is built into the central seating zone to ease pressure when the hips are rotated.

The construction of the Flite perfectly complements the design and fit. The shell is traditional to the Flite with 90% nylon composite, and a stiffer nose, with molded carbon used for structure and rail mount strength. Just as with the original Flite, there is a true break-in process, and the shell has some flex and give, that slightly conforms to the user. The padding also follows the theme, but actually the high density padding is slightly thicker, offering more comfort for higher mileage days in the saddle. The rails are still round 7mm titanium, but in the hollow tubular 316 Titanium, which keeps things light, and effectively mitigates road noise and vibration. The Fibra-Tek synthetic leather cover is breathable and durable, while offering weather protection. The designers have opted for a texture along the central spine, so if you slide forward towards the nose for extra power, you can hold the position without sliding. At just 220 grams, the Flite delivers performance, comfort, and support without compromise, and for those riders who favor the shape and fit, it will deliver mile after mile, season after season, just as it's progenitor has.


  • New generation Flite saddle with flatter structure, more modern design
  • Sleek profile with wider tail-end, slightly wider central zone and nose
  • Shell is 90% nylon/10% carbon at the nose, offers flex at rear, and breaks-in over time
  • Fibra-Tek synthetic leather cover is water resistant, breathable, and durable
  • Dense foam padding, with additional thickness at ischial zone
  • Hollow 7mm round 316 titanium rails
  • Full Length: 275mm
  • Max Width: 145mm
  • Rear section length: 120mm
  • Width of saddle 120mm from the rear (155mm from front): 70mm
  • Height at 120mm from back (bottom rail to top): 47mm
  • Selle Italia idmatch fit: L1
  • Weight: 220 grams
  • Options: White, Red, Black
  • Made in Italy
  • Please Note: Due to manufacturing variances, saddle may be different than pictured.

    Sale Price
    Reg Price $189.99