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Michelin Force AM Tire

The biggest segment of the US mountain bike tire market in North America is All Mountain. From Marathon to Enduro, with capability for the most diverse trail conditions on mid-travel bikes, the Michelin Force AM is making it's mark. Though Michelin never dropped out of the mountain bike tire market, their presence in the US certainly paled in recent years. The French company never stopped developing and making tires, and their profile in the competitive mountain bike environment has been strong. The Force series tires re-position Michelin here, and as with the immediate success of the Power road tires, we expect the new mountain tires to rebuild Michelin's strong history on the trails in North America. The tread options of the Force AM Tire feature a bevy of new technology and design, and are best suited as both front and rear for hardpack to mixed terrain, so if that sounds like your general AM trail use, these Tubeless Ready tires need to be experienced to truly grasp what Michelin has accomplished.

The combination of lower pressures afforded by Tubeless Ready rims and tires, along with considerable advancement in rubber compounds, takes the focus off the visual effect of the tire. You no longer see many tires with thick, deep tread knobs, except those designed strictly for very soft or muddy conditions. The Force AM tire walks the middle ground, and is agile, versatile, and fast rolling, with excellent grip and feel, as well as superior puncture protection. The rubber features Michelin's Gum-X3D triple compound, which delivers grip, speed, and good wear and durability. Optimized with the robust tread design itself the center tread compound maximizes grip, and delivers braking effectiveness and tire stability. The underlaying compound is firmer, providing structure and power response needed for rugged trail conditions. A third compound is used for the shoulder tread knobs, which are firm enough to grab, soft enough to deform slightly when necessary without being floppy (proper low tire pressure is the key to conforming to the trail conditions. The overall combination is one of sure grip, rocket acceleration, and bike handling confidence.

The rubber is carries by a three layers of 60 tpi casing with varying directionality of the medium strand, high density fibers, allowing the tire to flex and grip without distortion, as well as prevent impact, puncture and sidewall damage. The combination of the layers, along with the underlaying race rubber compound creates what Michelin calls Trail Shield Technology. The effect is a fairly supple tire that can fully support Tubeless Ready use (with sealant) while emphasizing durability, puncture protection, and performance. These directional tires are a huge leap forward for Michelin, and more than competitive with all the big players in the mountain bike world.

Michelin is a world leader in all types of tire and rubber technology, and we welcome the re-engagement with North America's mountain biking. The Force AM Tires are an excellent match for our local Colorado trails with solid performance for the full riding experience on hardpack. If your conditions are more mixed, you may want to consider running the Wild Grip'r AM on the front. The Force AM exceeded our expectations, and frankly, after Michelin's success in the road market the last few years, expectations were high. If you just aren't satisfied with your All Mountain trail tires, or simply need a change, we highly recommend the Force AM. Weight, price, and wear competitive with any of the top tires on the market, with overall performance that challenges the very best, these are tires that inspire confidence and elevate your skill set.


  • AM trail tires for riders who tolerate no compromises in performance
  • Directional tread pattern, best suited for hardpack to mixed soft/hard terrain
  • Tubeless Ready design with TS bead- use sealant, never exceed max pressure
  • Gum-X3D triple compound design; center tread, underlayer, shoulder compounds
  • Delivers exceptional grip, acceleration power, braking, cornering, durability
  • Built on 3/60 tpi casing with Trail Shield Technology; supple, strong, protective
  • Max psi rating on all sizes: 58 psi
  • Wheel size options: 27.5, 29
  • Width options: 2.25", 2.35"
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 27.5 x 2.25/ 715g, 29 x 2.25/ 760g, 29 x 2.35/ 770g
Reg Price $69.99