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Speedplay Frog Stainless Steel Pedals

Our most popuar Frog pedal. The stainless steel axles are light and offer great durability and nice blend of value and low weight. One pedal weights 125 grams. Needle and cartridge bearings interface the spindle with the pedal and everything is completely serviceable. One pair of G3 cleats and mounting hardware are included.

The Speedplay Frog is another innovative design offering a unique pedal/cleat interface that is virtually immune to clogging with mud and debris. When engaging the G3 cleat to the Frog pedal, the angular shaped cleat forces the forces and purges the debris, dirt, mud and gunk out of the cleat for easy engagement. Like other Speedplay designs, it features lightweight floating design that helps eliminate stress on the knees and is user friendly.

The Frog design also lends itself well to road riders or commuters who want a recessed cleat that is easy to walk in.


  • Minimalist design is durable and bombproof
  • Engagement security doesn't depend on spring tension
  • G3 Frog cleat mounts to two-hole SPD-style shoes
  • Cleat sheds debris during engagement with pedal
  • Tough resin composite body is highly resistant to impact
  • Lightning-fast and easy release
  • 250 grams per pair
  • 50 grams for cleats per pair
  • Knee-friendly, non-centering free float
  • Precision needle and cartridge bearings
  • Built-in grease port for easy bearing lubrication

    Please Note: Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to ship Speedplay products outside the United States

  • $135.00
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    Average Rating:


    Posted on 9/4/2016

    I bought these for my recumbent as they were highly recommended for their easy release. I have had them for 7+ years and thousands of miles. The biggest problem is premature releases when the clip gets worn or the spongy backing gets too compressed. I have replaced the clips 5-6 times as they wear out when you walk on them. Even though I am familiar with them, I find it difficult to get clipped in because of the narrow insertion point. Replacing the bearings is complicated by having to seal the perimeter to keep water out. Lubricating requires a special grease pump. Recently, the bolt that holds the bearings in unscrewed and the entire pedal came off just before a ride. That being said, replacement parts are readily available from Excel so I usually rebuild them every other year.

    Pros Easy Release, Rotational Flexibility, Repairable

    Cons Premature release, Hard to find insert point.


    Posted on 7/5/2013

    I have used these pedals for over 15 years. I would not use another pedal system. I use for both mountain bike and road and even for downhill!!. one reviewer stated that they were not good for mountain biking. Well, I live in Squamish BC. If you know of the area, we have arguably some of the best and most demanding trails in the known universe. These pedals are perfect. I have over the years worn down the stop on the pedal, but this does not affect performance except that I can now clip out to the inside in a pinch.

    The pedals are very easy to engage, they transfer power very well, and you don't have to think at all to get out if needed. The only troubles I have encountered are that they are a little harder to engage when you have been walking in wet sand, but what pedal isn't. And the cleats can release too easy if they are too worn. In 15 years I have replaced 4 sets of cleats!! I have not changed bearings yet! If you have bad knees, these are by far the best pedal system!

    Pros Everything

    Cons Pricey cleats


    Posted on 9/19/2012

    I have over 10,000 miles, mostly commuting on a road bike, some mountain biking. These have never let me down.


    Posted on 9/5/2012

    I have used these pedals for over 20,000 miles of commuting over the last ten years. They have never let me down. Very, very good pedals for commuting.


    Posted on 5/22/2012

    after having my hip broke in hit/run auto bike accident I could not ride road bike geometry anymore due to physical restrictions of losing 1/2 inch of length in afflicted leg. However I am able to comfortably ride a hybrid, on the road, with smooth skin tires and these pedals with absolutely no problems. I've had them since about 1999 and now looking for one of the posts that fell out of the cleat. The pedal easy in and out experience is a true lifesaver for me. I can now ride forever again.

    Pros best of everything..biggest is very fast in n out

    Cons none


    Posted on 7/14/2011 7:03:14 AM

    I have used speedplay frog pedals for years on my road bike because (1) the large amount of float to protect my knees and (2) they permit use of shoes that allow easy walking. They are NOT useful for mountain biking because the cleats do fill with debris, especially sand prohibiting clipping in. You have to stop and dig out the debris before you can clip in. For road biking, I highly recommend but not for mountain biking (but I am not a mountain biker). One thing you must get used to is the float. At first, but just for the first few minutes of initial use, is the feeling that you are pedaling on a block of ice because of the float. That feeling quickly passes. Cleat release is very easy. The release occurs only when you want but without thinking about it. Almost as if the pedal reads your mind.

    Bryce Bedford

    Posted on 9/6/2009 1:58:35 PM

    These are very nice pedals for commuting, touring, and light duty mountain biking or cross. Very easy engagment & disengagment, and plenty of float for those with aching knees. The problem: if you mountain bike in a rocky area, the composite body forms part of the cleat engagment (the part that keeps the cleat from disengaging inward), and if you bash that part of the composite body on a rock, it can be damaged such that the pedal no longer engages the cleat. If this happens, you can still engage the opposite side of the pedal, which is ok if you use them on a road bike, but not really exceptable on a mountain bike. You can purchase a body rebuild kit for $40. In sum, I recommend these for road use, for those who want a pedal that is easy to get in & out of, for those with achy knees, and for light duty xc or cross. Just beware around rocks.