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Speedplay Frog Titanium Pedals

Top of the line Frog pedal features a rainbow colored, treated Titanium spindle to help reduce the weight to a feathery 103 grams per pedal. Needle and cartridge bearings interface the spindle with the pedal and everything is completely serviceable. One pair of G3 cleats and mounting hardware are included.

The Speedplay Frog is another innovative design offering a unique pedal/cleat interface that is virtually immune to clogging with mud and debris. When engaging the G3 cleat to the Frog pedal, the angular shaped cleat forces the forces and purges the debris, dirt, mud and gunk out of the cleat for easy engagement. Like other Speedplay designs, it features lightweight floating design that helps eliminate stress on the knees and is user friendly.

The Frog design also lends itself well to road riders or commuters who want a recessed cleat that is easy to walk in.


  • Minimalist design is durable and bombproof
  • Engagement security doesn't depend on spring tension
  • G3 Frog cleat mounts to two-hole SPD-style shoes
  • Cleat sheds debris during engagement with pedal
  • Tough resin composite body is highly resistant to impact
  • Lightning-fast and easy release
  • 206 grams per pair
  • 50 grams for cleats per pair
  • Knee-friendly, non-centering free float
  • Precision needle and cartridge bearings
  • Built-in grease port for easy bearing lubrication

    Please Note: Due to manufacturer restrictions, we are unable to ship Speedplay products outside the United States

  • $250.00
    Item is in stock


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    Average Rating:


    Posted on 11/24/2009 8:12:24 AM

    Easy to get in to, still useable when you miss, and super-light. They’re great in dry conditions, but like any pedal with a female cleat, a bad idea in mud or damp dirt.


    Posted on 5/31/2007 11:00:15 PM

    I put these on a bike for a photojournalism trip through Cambodia, Thailand, Sechelles, and much of east Africa. I was in Mogadishu during the "black hawk down" thing. I put a lot of miles on that bike, and never had a problem with the frogs. They are super easy to get into and out of, and can be pedaled in street shoes if the need arises. Most of the reviews here are about how the gear works in very narrow aspects of the sport. If you want pedals to take you across continents, these are the ones.


    Posted on 11/22/2004 4:01:21 PM

    They are horrible for off road compared to Shimano or Wellgo. But, I have used them for several years for on road. The adjustment screws on the cleat really help to tighten up free play that develops. The locktight they put on those little screws is too high a strength. (Use soldering iron to loosen.) The unlimited free play for your knees for higher spinning is really quite wonderful.


    Posted on 1/27/2004 4:12:18 PM

    My titanium Frogs are about 2 years old and have about 8900 road miles on them, great pedals. I believe there is a 185 lbs max. rider weight on the Titanium’s. I weight about 155, ride a stiff framed road bike, and have never felt any axle flex. I am still using my original ’old style’ cleats, mounted on road shoes. I don’t do much walking in my bike shoes and have rarely lubricated my cleats or the pedal/cleat interface. When clipped in, my cleats now have a slight fore and aft slop which results in a clicking noise at low cadence/high power-the new style cleats have a adjustment screw to remove this slop. I can detect no sideways roll with this pedal/cleat system and my knees like the free float.