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Shimano Front Derailleur Clamp Adapter

If you have a frame without a braze-on tab for mounting a front derailleur, you have two options for setting up your double or triple ring drivetrain. You can buy a front derailleur that has a specific clamp size for your seat-tube, or you can buy a braze-on type model as well as an appropriately sized clamp. Some cyclists prefer the clean, integrated look of the first option, and swear the whole system is much stiffer when constructed as a single part. Others like the flexibility of having a derailleur they can move from frame to frame, and argue that if you ride a Shimano mechanical drivetrain, the Shimano clamp was designed to meet all performance expectations. The SM-AD11 Shimano Front Derailleur Clamps do mate perfectly with Shimano mechanical (cable-actuated) front derailleurs and offer maximum flexibility used in conjunction with a braze-on derailleur option.

The silver aluminum clamps are cast and have a hinged section that allows the adapter to close easily around the seat tube. Shimano makes the SM-AD11 in two sizes: 31.8mm, and 34.9mm. Shims can be found for 28.6mm seat tubes, though those are far less common today. The clamps don't look svelte or sculpted, and for good reason. Edges are curved, not sharp, so that when you tighten the clamp down, there is minimal risk of damaging the frame. The simple Allen hex bolt only needs to be tightened so that the clamp closes properly and will not slip- usually 5-7Nm or less, but your frame may have it's own specification, especially if it is carbon.

You will note there have been repeated references to "mechanical" drivetrains. Shimano's electronic shifting system is not compatible with this clamp, and vice versa- the clamp for electronic is not compatible with the mechanical derailleurs. This isn't a fitment issue, but an alignment issue. Campagnolo mechanical front derailleurs are compatible with the SM-AD11, but many SRAM derailleurs are not. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call to speak with one of our cycling experts.


  • Shimano SM-AD11 braze-on front derailleur adapter
  • Cast aluminum clamps have wide, flat inner surface with curved edges
  • Design minimizes risk of frame damage from use when sized/installed properly
  • 5mm Allen head fixing bolt, attaches to replaceable nut
  • Torque fixing bolt to 5-7Nm, or less depending on frame, do not exceed 7Nm
  • Many carbon frames may have specific torque spec, check with manufacturer
  • Sizes: 31.8mm, 34.9mm
  • Color: Silver
  • Compatible with Shimano and Campagnolo mechanical drivetrains, 7-11 speed
  • Do not use with electronic drivetrains

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