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PowerTap G3 HED Belgium C2 Rear Wheel

We love the HED Belgium C2 clincher rim because it adds decent width from old school narrow rims, but feels light and stable, and mates well with 21mm-23mm road tires. With this Excel Sports built PowerTap G3 HED Belgium C2 Rear Wheel riders can have competition level rear wheel featuring PowerTap's G3 powermeter hub with integrated power measurement, and the extra width and stability of the 23mm wide C2 rim. We are offering front and rear wheel builds for front and rear individually in different hub configurations, you can choose the options that work best for you. Road racers and lighter weight cyclists will opt for lower spoke counts, and cross riders and larger riders will opt for higher spoke counts.

The PowerTap HED Belgium C2 Rear Wheel we build features the PowerTap G3 power measuring hub. This lightweight alloy, 130mm QR hub has an oversized alloy axle and the durable, smooth ABEC-5 sealed cartridge bearings with steel carriers. The flanges are tall and smoothly transition to the center shell to improve airflow. We have laced the wheels 2x, except the 32 hole, which features 3x lacing, with DT's Revolution spokes, in black, with DT's alloy ProLock nipples. Higher tension offered by the HED rim delivers a laterally stiff build that is resilient to impact, and excellent ride quality.

The power meter itself is PowerTap's proven strain gauge system, and is +/- 1.5% accurate- which matches the industry's top mark for onboard power measurement. The G3 will pair easily with any ANT+ head unit, and works absolutely seamlessly with PowerTap's Joule GPS or Joule GPS+. The company also has an aftermarket conversion to Bluetooth Smart connectivity. Powered by a single, easily replaceable CR2032 battery, the G3 is simple, reliable, highly water resistant and computes speed, cadence, distance and power in all the usual metric options that head units can display. The hub itself weighs only 325 grams, which is less than 100 grams than most lightweight competition hubs, making it perfect for racing and training.

The 23mm wide platform of the Belgium Plus provides a more stable platform for tires of any size. This versatility in tire size and the ability to run lower pressures (when set-up tubeless) makes it a great choice for cobbles, gravel, and dirt, while a larger contact patch increases rolling speed across every surface, and silky smooth on the pavement. A widened platform provides several benefits. The tire casing is allowed to spread out and make a larger contact patch with the ground. This improves corner grip as well as lowering rolling resistance. The wider rim also increases the amount of air volume which in turn allows the tire to be run at lower pressure. This lower pressure means that the bumps will be smoothed out in the road, which improves comfort. Unlike with narrow rims, the wide platform supports the tire sidewall so that you can corner with more confidence, as there is no tire flop. Lateral stiffness, stability and power transfer are improved due to the increased width. The C2 is about 40 grams lighter than the 25mm wide Plus version, weight that gets magnified as rotating weight.

The Belgium C2 rim can also be set-up tubeless, using a double layer HED or No-Tubes 21mm rim tape. The rim bed and clincher hook integrates well with most tubeless ready tires, even many UST only versions. This capability is more geared towards cyclocross, but there are plenty of road riders going tubeless, with gravel riders considering tubeless essentially mandatory.

Our rim brake, clincher PowerTap HED Belgium Plus Rear Wheel is a perfect complement to it's matching front sibling, or can be used with any front wheel. The quick release, 130mm wide rear drop out style hub is still widely used, especially on road bikes. You won't find a better all-around value for a high quality wheel with a hub-based power meter that you can use on the pavement, cross courses, or gravel roads.


  • Rear PowerTap G3 hub laced to a HED Belgium C2 rim for all road disciplines
  • PowerTap alloy rear hub with ABEC 5 bearings, oversized alloy axle, QR 130mm
  • Power measurement is +/- 1.5% accurate, ANT+ transmission
  • Can be paired with any ANT+ head unit, optimal with PowerTap Joule GPS series
  • Aftermarket option to change Bluetooth Smart by changing PowerCap
  • Transmission powered by CR2032 battery, easily accessible for replacement
  • HED Belgium C2 clincher rim: 23mm wide, 24mm profile, welded seam, machined braking surface, Tubeless Ready design with appropriate tape and valves
  • Recommended tire width: 21mm-38mm
  • We recommend 2 layers of NoTubes 21mm rim tape for tubeless
  • If running with tubes, use 18mm rim tape such as from Zipp, Continental
  • Spokes: black DT Swiss Revolution, laced 2x (32h 3x), black DT alloy ProLock nipples
  • Freehub: Shimano/SRAM (Campagnolo available)
  • Options: 28h, 32h
  • Assembled and shipped by the experts of Excel Sports Boulder

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