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Continental Gatorskin Tire

While there are many protection-oriented tires on the market, we feel the Continental Gatorskin continues to offer the best combination of protection, value, ride quality and weight. Balancing those requirements is not a simple task, but Conti delivers. The Gatorskin is a good everyday training tire for road cyclists, as well as an excellent commuter tire for road or fast hybrid-style bikes.

The overarching protection of the tire is provided by DuraSkin technology. DuraSkin is a polymide mesh fiber that wraps the casing from bead to bead, and is designed to protect your it from sidewall abrasion and puncture. While still offering protection in the center of the tire, the primary reason it wraps the entire casing is to provide a consistent feel and offer a more supple cornering edge. Protection, and performance. The principal flat protection on the center of the tire comes from Conti's PolyXBreaker, a cross-hatched polyester fiber that the company has used in performance car tires for many years. The woven material is very dense, yet flexible, making it ideal in preventing pinches and punctures, but also matching the suppleness of the casing and DuraSkin layers. PolyXBreaker will not negatively affect rolling resistance or cornering feel.

The rubber itself is Conti's durable carbon-black compound, which offers excellent wet and dry grip, as well as delivering extended tread wear. Gatorskin is often referred to as the Kilometer King for its incredible long life. If you seek a solidly performing, high mileage, protection oriented tire, the Gatorskin is the king.


  • High mileage, durable, folding tire tire with excellent flat protection
  • Tightly woven, cross-hatched polymide PolyXBreaker belt resists flats and pinches
  • Full casing DuraSkin mesh protective layer for sidewall abrasion protection
  • Supple, high quality 3 ply 180 tpi casing
  • Recommended pressure: 700x 23 110-120psi, 700x25 95-120psi, 700x28 95-116psi
  • Weight: 700x23 230g, 700x25 250g, 700x28 300g
  • Made in Germany
Sale Price
Reg Price $59.95


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Average Rating:


Posted on 9/4/2016

I ride a few hundred miles a month, and I love Gatorskins (700x23). I'm primarily an urban rider, and encounter all kinds of waste debris and rough road conditions throughout my large city. My current set has nearly 3000 miles on them, and I haven't had a flat yet. Other tires fail often, and flat repairs in the city are a real pain. I like Gatorskins most for their puncture resistance. They work great!

Pros puncture resistance, versatile tread design

Cons sidewall threads peel


Posted on 4/14/2014

I am limited to riding a 4.7 mile loop on some very rough, unmaintained, third-world roads; (lots of debris, potholes, trash, and dirt). I flatted out my rear tire on the first four out of five rides using the stock tires. Since switching to Gatorskins I have over 2,000 flat free miles. They roll and grip well in all conditions. I definitely recommend and will definitely reorder.

Pros Flat free

Cons None


Posted on 12/10/2013

Exceptionally durable and puncture resistant with minimal performance loss - great handling and decent rolling resistance. I ride these all winter (SoCal) and forget about road debris, etc, and have them on my wife and daughter's bikes all year to minimize their having to deal with flats. The only thing that will flat these is thorns (e.g., goat heads). Impervious to all else. Great tires!!

Pros nearly flat free with minimal performance penalty

Cons not cheap, but a good value


Posted on 2/7/2012

excellent general purpose tire, flat resistant and about twice the service life of other road tires. Note they will puncture and can be difficult to remove from the rim, so bring tire levers.


Posted on 3/6/2011 7:17:05 PM

I have ridden several sets of these and they seem very puncture resistant. I do not recall having any puncture flats. One set, I got 5000 miles out of! This is a very excellent tire for all riding conditions.


Posted on 8/29/2007 6:02:50 PM

Excellent all around tire. I use it for trainning and i am impressed with it´s puncture resistance. Be carefull in wet conditions. A high mileage tire.