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Arundel Gecko Fur Handlebar Tape

Arundel Gecko Fur Handlebar Tape is a variation on the Gecko Grip tape. Instead of the textured surface of the Gecko Grip, a softer feel short brushed surface (fur), delivers a velvety feel and matte look. The tape is made from cushy EVA foam and polyurethane in a laminated, layered construction. Grip comes from the tacky properties of the polyurethane. Gecko Grip's textured surface is almost too grippy for some riders, which makes it perfect for cyclocross or commuting. Gecko Fur still offers that tacky feel, but you can actually slide your hands more easily over the surface. That is the purpose of the fur. If you want more grip, you simply increase hand pressure. This is true in wet or dry conditions and makes the Gecko Fur a better all around tape for most cyclists.

The strip of adhesive backing in the underside of the tape does an excellent job of holding a properly tensioned wrap in place, as the extra grip means you will naturally twist the tape more than normal. While installing, a consistent, medium tension and stretch work best. Don't attempt to over stretch, as the material will stretch but not relax enough the way some wraps will.

Gecko Fur is really a great wrap for riders who enjoy a thinner wrap tape, but desire excellent grip and feel. It lays flat on the bars when wrapped and has a slightly thinner loft than cork tape. Please note that the EVA foam base may not be thick, but damps vibration exceptionally well. Gecko Fur's polyurethane lamination won't absorb much water and makes it easy to wipe off excess water or mud at any time. While the name throws off some folks, Arundel's Gecko Fur applies technology and cycling experience in a somewhat unique fashion, and there is nothing else quite like it.


  • Tacky, uniform, no-slip feel, thin bar tape wraps one set of handlebars
  • Easy to clean when wet or dry, excellent durability
  • Adhesive backing keeps the tape in place
  • Includes shifter clamp strips and two bar end plugs
  • Colors: Black, with embossed gray Arundel ogo,
  • Weight: Averages 75-80 grams per set


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