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Continental Grand Sport Race Tire

The Grand Sport Race is a new example of how Continental continues to develop tires that meet a market need, with solid technology and engineering. Some may say there are too many tire options, but one thing is for sure, cyclists can be pretty darn picky about rubber. Continental looked carefully at the trend towards longer ride/race events, such as Gran Fondo's, and built the Grand Sport Race to meet the needs of riders who need grip, protection, feel, durability, all at a reasonable weight and at a price point that is easier to swallow.

As expected with Conti's race-level offerings, the supple, and perfectly round 3 ply 180 tpi casing forms the core of the tire. The new NyTech breaker is a lighter version of Continental's SafetySystem breaker. This tightly woven Nylon material is more flexible than Kevlar, offering a smoother ride. With the single layer NyTech version in the Grand Sport Race, the tire is lighter and has less overall rolling resistance than SafetySystem options. You get excellent flat protection- important on those long rides or race events- as well as as improved road feel. That is both complemented and accentuated by the new silica activated PureGrip rubber compound. This was originally developed purely for competition level tires, but was modified due to it's excellent adherence properties and made more durable as well.

PureGrip doesn't quite hit the BlackChili compound standards, but dollar for dollar may be a better value. The structure of the tire also means the compound is molded down into the sidewalls, giving you a larger cornering surface area. Continental uses its Asia-based factory to produce this rubber, which keeps the cost more manageable. As a result, you get a superior performance/durability tire for less money.


  • Cost-effective performance tire with excellent durability and premium engineering
  • Light and supple 3 ply/ 180 tpi casing
  • NyTech breaker for superior puncture protection without sacrificing feel
  • PureGrip rubber compound delivers excellent grip with a great cornering radius
  • Foldable tire with Kevlar bead
  • Recommended pressures: 23mm 110-120psi, 25mm 95-120psi, 28mm 80-116psi
  • Weight: 23mm 230g, 25mm 250g, 28mm 270g
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Reg Price $39.95


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