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Kogu Masamune Ibuki Stand

Kogu Masamune makes some of the best designed bike stands available today. Interestingly enough, the Ibuki Stand may be the least modern of the designs as a wall leaning style unit, but the Japanese company executed the Ibuki design with their steadfast dedication to practical features, flexible bike mounting, safety and stability. Leaning style bike stands are a perfect solution for many homes, garages, apartments offices and dorm rooms, as they don't require a hard, flat floor surface (making them ideal for plush carpet or a dirt garage floor), won't damage ceilings or floors, are easily movable, and can be mounted pretty close to the supporting wall, limiting the depth footprint of the unit. The Ibuki Stand is actually considered earthquake stable with it's widely spaced legs, holds two bikes- even sloping models- horizontally via holders that can be angled accordingly, with individual hooks that offer excellent width adjustment. Simple? Perhaps. Old school? Sure. Effective and useful, at a great price? Most definitely.

When the Ibuki is assembled and set on it's feet, with the rubber coated wall peg resting against the desired wall, it stands just over 7 feet tall, meaning it will fit in most rooms without hitting the ceiling.The unloaded depth from the wall is just under 17 inches, and the splayed steel tube legs sit 26¾" wide. The strong steel pillar bolts directly to the leg assembly and offers multiple placement options that keep the bike holders at reasonable distances from each other. The pivoting bike holders can be height adjusted without tools, and each features two pivoting frame hooks that can be adjusted from 11.8" to 16.5" inches wide, creating a stable and supportive fit for almost any type of bike with a full toptube and a diameter of up to 2.5". A word of advice: many full suspension mountain bike frames will work with the Ibuki, but you need to look carefully at where the mounting hooks will support the toptube. It is also prudent to consider that today's mountain bike handlebars can be pretty wide, so while you may be able angle to the front wheel so the bar clears the wall, that may not be optimal for your needs. Think- old school design. In general the Ibuki design works great with road bikes and hardtails with bars less than 700mm wide.

Of course Kogu Masamune made the Ibuki as supportive as possible and the details such as the holder/hook adjsutments are excellent, and the flat style hooks are covered in a firm, non-marring, and grippy urethane that will stand the test of time and daily use. The same can be said for the wall and leg ends. At just over 12lbs, the Ibuki is easy to move and transport, even when fully assembled. The powdercoat grey finish looks great and will wear well over time. As you can tell, we have a soft spot for the Ibuki. It is a great value, works perfectly for most bikes, and offers versatile usability that many other racks just can't match. All you need is a wall. If this design appeals to you and meets your needs, we strongly endorse it. We have been doing this bike thing since the 80's you know; and old school never goes out of style.


  • Two bike horizontal leaning style bike stand suitable for any environment with a wall
  • Stout, lightweight steel construction means stability and durability
  • Leaning-style stands protect ceilings and floors, and are earthquake resistant
  • Short "arm" on back of pillar maintains proper distance from wall, has rubber boot
  • Steel legs are affixed directly to pillar and feature rubber coated tips
  • The two bike holders pivot to suit toptube angle, have adjustable width/angle hooks
  • Hooks can accommodate top tube designs to 2.5" in diameter, are covered in rubber
  • Pre-set height adjiustments for bike holders offer tool free positioning
  • Dimensions: 7 feet tall, 26¾ wide, stands 17" from wall when perpendicular
  • May not work well with full-suspension bike designs, or 700mm+ wide handlebars
  • Finish: Grey and Black powdercoat
  • Weight: 12.1lbs (5.5kg)
  • Made in Japan

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