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Hozan K-141 Rim Polishing Pad

This little block from Hozan will work wonders on your rim braking surfaces. Being a huge industrial company steeped in metallurgy and machining processes, Hozan understands how to produce products like this to maintain and treat alloys and metals. We do not recommend going to your hardware store and buying a #120 grit sanding block. While the grit texture may be the same, the rubber compound that houses the texture isn't - we have found them to be to harsh on the rim. The Hozan is the only way to go for guaranteed success.

The block is constructed from foamed NBR copolymer-rubber that is impregnated with sintered aluminum dust. The grit is a fine #120 texture which is perfectly suited for removing burrs and refreshing the braking surface on alloy rims. Try it once and you will find that you are using it all the time. If you do not own one, you should.

A few quick passes on your rims and it will remove residue from brake pads, clean and smooth out the surfaces and greatly improve braking performance. The rubberized pad is durable and slightly flexes to conform around the rim surface. One pad will last for while, even with repeated use.


  • 120 grit texture
  • Foamed rubber block
  • Sintered alloy
  • Works wonders on worn rim surfaces
  • Made in Japan
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Reg Price $14.99


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Average Rating:


Posted on 8/24/2012

Onto to my second one. Great product but not sure how to clean it after use especially after a cross race or ride.

Pros Improve braking

Cons itself gets dirty


Posted on 8/9/2012

love this little pad. it cleans the gunk right off the rim!


Posted on 3/18/2012

Awesome little product. Here in Seattle, we deal with a lot of wet weather, which leads to a lot of residue on the rims. The pad gets rid of gunk and brake debris that is stuck the rim. I ended up using it all the time, and must say it won't last forever, The grit and bite on mine wore off after a few months of heavy use. Recomended

Pros Cleans rims well

Cons Eventually wears out


Posted on 11/17/2011 4:44:45 PM

I love this pad, it is cheap too!


Posted on 7/19/2011 3:29:10 PM

The pad is smaller than I though which actually turns out to be a good thing. It is easier to navigate around the rim when the wheels are on the bike. I used it last week after a rainy ride when the rims were sooted-up. I first washed the wheels with soap and water to get the initial grime off, dried them with a rag, then ran the pad around and it worked great. The pad seems to remove residue that regular washing will not.


Posted on 6/27/2011 5:51:32 PM

It cleaned up a few rims with just a couple of light passes. Braking actually does feel better. Good purchase.


Posted on 6/25/2011 5:00:48 PM

Should have bought one of these years ago. Quick swipe on the rims make a big difference. I actually scrub the brake pads contact surface too. It really does a good job and considerably improved the "braking feel"