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Assos LL.pompadour S5 Tights


For years many women have struggled with the use of bib straps. No doubt they offer far better performance and fit than the non-bib strap/suspender counterpart, but they can inconvenience women when trying to remove to relieve yourself and can also have issues with the suspender placement on the chest area. Assos went back to the drawing board and designed the solution to these problems and also managed to simplified the design in the process.

The bib suspenders feature a single heavy stretch panel in the rear that transforms into a yolk over the shoulders, which then turns into a single strap that features a thin buckle-less ABC-M Puzzlelock closure system. The suspenders manage to be super thin, incredible supportive and easy to get on and off. The yolk-single strap front is super comfy on the front shoulders and breast area. Ladies, these ain't your momma's bibs!

The bibs have four anatomic panels that are stitched together to create a perfect synergy of comfort, warmth and performance. These panels use combinations of RXQ and RX fleece for insulation and twinDeck airBlock stratagon with RXQ on one single panel for the knee and thigh zones. Assos's twinDeck is one piece of fabric with two textiles on each side which creates a low volume and a better fitting fabric. This wind proofing runs down the sides of the legs and wraps around the front to protect your knees and upper shins. Stirrups on the bottom of the legs keep the tights in place so they do not migrate when riding. They also do a great job at keeping cold air from entering through the bottom of the tights. Inside the garment we find the women's specific S5 chamois. It is a proven winner for comfort and durability. Simply put, these are one of the finest pair of women's tight ever made and will last for many seasons with proper care.

See where this garment fits into the synergistic Assos Layering System


  • Roubaix RX and RXQ fleece
  • twinDeck strataGon/RXQ fabric
  • Women's specific yolk-single strap upper
  • Simple ABC-M (Assos Bib Closure-Mechanism) buckle
  • Women's S5 chamois
  • Foot stirrups

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