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Challenge Latex Tube

The Challenge Latex tubes are some of the more robust latex tubes you can buy. They are made in standard road diameter as well as a larger diameter aimed higher volume cyclocross tires. The valves are bonded to the tube for added durability. The valves are smooth with a removable valve core that can be either replaced if damaged or substituted for longer valves for aero rims. The road version of the tube is available in 47mm valve length while the larger diameter cross version comes in 47mm and 60mm lengths.

These tubes are made by seasonally, so they are not always available. We try and purchase as many as we can when we can.


  • Most durable latex tube we sell
  • Not always in stock - made seasonally
  • Bonded valve stem
  • Removable valve core
  • 86 grams 700x18-25mm
  • 92 grams - 700x30-35mm

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Posted on 8/20/2017

get these latex tubes, they are great...this is all I ride on is latex tubes and they give a given tyre better feel..more suppleness, a better "zing" resonance when the rubber meets the road.100 psi on latex is like 75 psi on buytl ..bicycle science says you save so many watts on latex as well. these require some savvy bicycle mechanical skills: Not get the tube between the rim and tyre then inflate, lots of people including myself have done this - BAM oops..try again..slightly inflate the tube and make sure the tube is inside the tyre by squeezing the tyre(rim valley deepest), start and stop at the valve stem. I also use a special leverage tool to pull the last remaining bit of tire into the rim without using tyre levers -again check before inflating that all the tube is in the tyre...

Pros everything is better on latex

Cons require savvy bicycle repair skills


Posted on 12/13/2016

Run these for cyclocross racing and they are a must have in my book! No pinch flat ever with these, and I have taken some pretty sharp hits with them! These are a game changer.

Pros Everything

Cons None


Posted on 10/2/2016

By far the worst tube I have ever used. I switched out my standard rubber tubes this past week in preparation to do Levis Gran Fondo as I wanted a slightly more supple ride-feel-traction for the descents......the rear tube lasted about 4-5 miles of my first ride with them, and the front tube blew out at the bottom of the Hauser Bridge descent in the Gran Fondo (that was a lot of fun trying not to crash and stop going down a 13-15% grade with severe brake fade and a flat front tire, BTW). At least the front tube almost lasted 3 rides.

Pros Comes dipped in baby powder

Cons Lasts less than 1 to 3 rides