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SIS Logo Wide Neck Water Bottle

Want to show your support of your favorite energy and supplement products? The WCUP Water Bottle is an ideal way. Available in two sizes, 500ml and 750ml, you can opt for the size or sizes that best suit your hydration and energy requirements. The distinct graphics and WCUP logo stand out boldly, demonstrating your reliance on these incredible Belgian product line.

The WCUP bottle is constructed from high quality food grade plastic, an meets all of the strict EU/CEN standards for health and safety. Whether you are carrying water or a drink mix, taste and flavor are as they should be. The bottle has a stylish design that is not just for looks. It is surprisingly easy to handle while riding and fits virtually all standard water bottle cages. Made from lightweight plastic with a wide opening, the bottle features a secure screw-on cap that has a tacky grip to it.

As is prudent with all water bottles, WCUP recommends a thorough cleaning before the first use, and after every use with water or energy/sport drink. Hey, you have to stay healthy to ride and fully enjoy the benefits of WCUP's great energy and recovery drinks.


  • WCUP logo water bottle with distinct graphics
  • Lightweight plastic bottle that passes all EU certification for food grade plastics
  • Wide mouth opening, tacky screw-on cap with finger grips, standard pop-up spout
  • Stylish design is easy to handle while riding
  • Fits virtually all standard bottle cages
  • Available in two sizes: 500ml (16.9oz) , 750ml (25.4oz)


Reg Price $7.00