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Schwalbe Nobby Nic EVO LiteSkin TL Tire

The Nobby Nic EVO LiteSkin Tire was built to race. The low profile aggressive tread of Nic is Schwalbe's best soft to mid-firm tire. From XC to Enduro, the range is largely determined by course requirements and rider preference. The Nobby Nic offers the best combination of traction and speed and shines in soft ground situations its faster brothers, Racing Ralph and Rocket Ron just can't. At the same time you don't lose speed in hardpack or loose conditions, you just need to manage the marbles more carefully in the corners. In fact, it is not uncommon to see Nic paired as a front with the Ralph or Ron. Everyday trail riders often choose Nic for front and rear maximum versatility. The LiteSkin casing offers some protection, but is not tubeless ready or as durable as the SnakeSkin tires. This really should be considered a race-only option.

Schwalbe's PaceStar compound is a triple rubber composition that seeks the balance between adherence, durability, and protection. In race oriented tires such as the Nobby Nic, reduced rolling resistance and grip, or adherence are emphasized. Durability is de-emphasized. The traction pattern of the Nic forms a U shape, with the softer rubber compound tread blocks angled about 20 degrees to take advantage of the tire's profile while cornering. The tread blocks can adhere to ground shapes for greater traction. These hold the tire in place even while your energy load is trying to pull them away. For many riders, this concept is the core of the newer tubeless designs, and for Schwalbe it is paramount. Even though the Nic has a rounded profile overall, when ridden at lower pressures, the body of the tire naturally deforms to surface shapes. The knobs then provide the best grip possible in the circumstances.

Your needs, riding skill, and conditions determine tire pressure. While you may have a base psi range you start with, you have the flexibility to match the tire to the ride. With it's widely spaced, angled soft rubber tread blocks, the Nic can truly run in many conditions. The center treads have now been adjusted in a variable pattern that eliminates oscillation. The new design will carry more speed than the previous version, have reduced vibration and still elicit cornering confidence. You can run the tire tubeless with sealant, but this is at your discretion and it may not set-up with some rims or like the super low pressures of a true tubeless tire.


  • Best lightweight race performance tire in Schwalbe's racing line-up
  • Variably spaced center, angled outer, tread blocks offer all-conditions traction and speed, best in soft to mid-firm dirt
  • PaceStar triple compound varies rubber durometer for excellent grip and feel
  • LiteSkin delivers moderate protection under tread, super supple feel
  • Evolution Series tire with folding bead and race pedigree
  • Not designed to be run tubeless, but with proper rims can often be done with sealant at your discretion
  • Weight: 29x 2.25 525g
Reg Price $92.00


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