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Vittoria Open Corsa EVO SC Tire

The Open Corsa EVO SC (Servizio Corsa) tire is the Reparto Course or race room version of the standard Open Corsa CX III tire.

These two tires use the same casing design and construction process, with two exceptions. First, the SC tire uses the ISOgrip rubber compound, but in the lower profile SC tread pattern. It has thin directional lines in the center for speed, added traction and siping. On each side of the center is a directional, opposing, fine file herringbone pattern that transitions to the sidewall. The second and more visually noticeable difference: the sidewalls are a natural-tan color. This is Vittoria's traditional Para sidewall and offers a super smooth ride quality. That being said, it is not quite as durable as the standard CX sidewall.

The wonderfully light and supple casing is the heart of the tire. The incredibly fine polyester and fibers are wound into larger polycore structures that are then Corespun into the casing shape. The soft and flexible fibers are strong enough to handle very high pressures, and still conform to varied surfaces, which is why riders always comment on how connected they feel to the road. Matched with the latest Pro rubber compound, Vittora riders have incredible confidence when cornering or riding at speed. The rubber, ISOgrip®, provides exceptional grip and low rolling resistance while providing better adhesion in both wet and dry road conditions. Please keep in mind this is considered a racing tire, not a high mileage trainer. The same technology that delivers feel, grip and speed is not designed for durability or long wear.

That does not mean Vittoria ignores protection. After all, flat reduction is imperative at all levels of cycling. Sandwiched between the tread and casing is Vittoria's proprietary PRB 2.0 protective layer. This woven strip helps protect the casing from glass shards and general road debris that can wedge into the tread and cause flatting. The Open Corsa SC tread pattern is fast and ensures excellent grip, and excels in wet conditions while delivering exceptional comfort at a low weight. This is a professional race tire, so if you want the ultimate in a performance-built world-class clincher tire, look no further.


  • Pro-level Open Tubular (clincher) racing tire for all conditions, event, wet weather
  • Corespun 320 tpi poly/cotton casing redefines suppleness in bike tires
  • Unmatched road feel with confidence inspiring ISOgrip rubber compound
  • PRB 2.0 woven belt protective layer limits punctures
  • Tread pattern maximizes ISOgrip rubber with center/shoulder specific patterns, siping
  • Flexible, braided Aramid bead
  • Recommended pressure: 115-145 psi
  • Use with latex or butyl tubes
  • Color: Black with natural sidewalls
  • Weight: 700x23 214 grams

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