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PowerTap P1 Pedal Cleatset

If you decided on the P1 Pedal Powermeter from PowerTap, you are likely logging serious miles while you build a database of useful training information. As with any cleat system, your P1 specific cleats will wear both form riding and ground contact. Though it is tempting to use a Look Keo cleat, the interface is actually a little sloppy. PowerTap designed the build-up on the base cleat to perfectly interface with the P1 Pedal.

PowertTap is offering replacement cleatsets in two versions. If you have a perfect bike fit with ideal leg tracking you will likely be using the black, 0 degree, or "fixed" cleats. The second option is the red cleat, which features 6 degrees of angular float. Both cleats employ the three-bolt, Delta pattern. Please follow both cleat and shoe specifications for torque. We recommend you use grease on the bolt threads, and that you check bolt torque after 1-2 rides from installation. Take the time to inspect your cleats as part of you regular bike maintenance- such as when you clean and lube your chain. It is always a great idea to take a quick look at your cleats after walking in loose rock or mud before clipping back into the pedals.


  • Genuine PowerTap P1 Pedal replacement cleatset
  • Specially designed for optimal use with the P1 pedals
  • 3 bolt design, comes with hardware set
  • Two versions available, fixed or angular float
  • Fixed cleats: black, zero degree float
  • Floating cleats: red, 6 degrees of angular float
  • Follow cleat and shoe specifications for mounting and bolt torque