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Cervelo P3 Ultegra R8050 Di2 Bicycle 2019

Shimano's Di2 electronic shifting system is the ideal complement to the performance and efficiency of the Cervelo P3 frameset, and built here as a complete Ultegra-level R8050 bicycle, an incredible value within the Cervelo line-up for serious triathletes and time trialists. Equipped with the excellent Mavic Cosmic Elite training wheelset, all you need to do is add your aero race wheels for the event to challenge your PR and pursue excellence.The evolution of the Cervelo P3 to its current form flows directly through the essence of the P5 superbike design, yet bears the evolutionary hallmarks that have made the P3 perhaps the most raced triathlon bike of all time. Superior aerodynamics, built into a highly practical frameset that carries fairly standard component requirements and features that make it as tri-friendly as possible. for everyday multi-sport athletes- the competitive age groupers, ascendant youngsters, and those who love the physical challenges of triathlon. The P3 frameset is also made in a six sizes from a massive 61cm down to 48cm, which makes this fantastic design accessible to virtually every athlete.

The proven aerodynamics of the tube shapes and design features serve to reduce drag and improve overall efficiency. Cervelo applies several major features drawn from both the P5 and S5 designs, such as the Extended Seattube Cutout which blends air cleanly around the rear wheel, shielding the tire from any leading edge into the wind. The Shielding Seatstays build off from the seattube and ease the air over the standard rear rim brake mount, essentially taking dirty air, then smoothing it over what has traditionally been a true problem area. These rear triangle enhancements are fully complementary to the Dropped Downtube system, which integrates the front wheel fork, headtube, and frame to create a unified flow of air over the entire area, then passing it back as cleanly as possible to the rear of the bike. This has a massive effect on drag reduction and watt savings over the long haul on the bike leg.

What both athletes and mechanics alike appreciate about the P3 design is that while it has the Future-Proof fully integrated internal cable system, it is actually fairly easy to set-up and maintain. Having the dual pivot caliper brakes in the standard road locations, and not hidden under the chainstays or inside the fork means accessibility is ideal, which makes for much easier travel and maintenance. The fork steerer tube has a standard 1 1/8" diameter which in this case carries the Profile Design 1/Zeroseven stem and the sleek, smart design of the Profile Design SVET R basebar, equipped with their 35a Extensions, Sonic bracket, Ergo Armrest. This bar was developed as a system and features easy-to-access bolts and fittings, as well as a straightforward internal routing system that sets up perfectly with the frameset for proper aerodynamics. The P3's carbon aero seatpost has their true rail adjust system that allows you to establish your perfect seattube angle with a massive 75mm of simple fore-aft adjustment.

Cervelo doesn't skimp on the useful triathlon-specific detail, as there a toptube boss set-up for a direct mount bag, case, or bottle, as well as a shielded downtube bottle mount, and a lonely single boss above the bottom bracket zone which was originally placed to hold a frame specific all-purpose box but now is used by creative folks for other options.

Shimano's 2nd generation 11-speed R8050/8000 Ultegra drivetrain is precise, reliable, and cost effective for high mileage training. The aerobar specific shifters are the Ultegra Di2 8060 and SW-R9160, with Ultegra Di2 8060 brake levers. The redesigned R8000 52-36T crankset and front derailleur deliver slick, impressive front shifting, while the new shadow style R8000 rear derailleur is more efficient and aligns closer in towards the center of the wheel, which is helpful when traveling and packing as well as providing ultra-smooth shifts up and down the 11-28 cassette via the CN701 chain. The frame design means you get the R8000 rim brakeset, which in our opinion is second to only the R9100 Dura-Ace version as the best road brakeset on the market. You get power, control and feel- the latter of which is likely most crucial for quick course turn-arounds and subtle curves- otherwise most triathletes prefer to use the brakes only in emergencies, easing into the run transition, or safe training situations.

The build kit specifies Mavic's 30mm deep Cosmic Elite clincher wheelset, which makes for a perfect training option. Cervelo opted for the Continental Grand Prix SL 700x23mm clincher tires, which again make a good training option. The ISM PS 1.0 is a true time trial / triathlon style saddle. The PS 1.0 is a performance short saddle, with an open, nose-less front to eliminate forward pressure in the aero position. The saddle is reasonably firm, and provides an effective power pedaling platform. The sloped rear section hold you in place, and yes, it has a rear transition hook underneath. Considered a gender-less design, the ISM PS 1.0 seems to fit a wide range of body types and sit bone widths.

The Cervelo P3 design is truly the best aero model out there for the vast majority of triathletes and also meets UCI regulations for time trial. The design has been proven fast and aerodynamic, is reasonably comfortable for such a frameset, and make life easier when traveling. It can be fun to pay attention to Cervelo's bike count at major race events, as so many P3's are being used it seems like a Cervelo rally. The design simply works, offers a fit for more people, and with this P3 Ultegra R8050 Di2 Bicycle package, delivers Di2 precision and performance, as well as value. It isn't a mystery to figure out why the P3 is everywhere- it's just that good.


  • Aerodynamic, yet practical and accessible TT/triathlon bike for the masses
  • Draws on P5 and S5 designs for superlative aerodynamics and features
  • Optimal for travel and event use with many standard design features, ease of mechanical systems and standard brake mount set-ups
  • Integrated Dropped Downtube system brings the tire, headtube, fork, and downtube into a unified aero unit
  • Complemented at the rear triangle by Extended Seattube Cutout and Shieded Seatstays, which carries airflow cleanly over the standard rear brake
  • Carbon 1 1/8" steerer aero fork, with glued reinforcing insert system
  • Fully aero integrated cable routing via Future Proof system and reduced friction bottom bracket guide on BBRight 79mm oversized, asymmetric BB shell
  • Toptube mount bosses for bag, case, bottle holder, as well as down tube mount
  • 75mm of free fore-aft adjustment on rail system of aero carbon seatpost for possible seattube angles from 75-79 degrees
  • Profile Design SVET R basebar, equipped with their 35a Extensions, Sonic bracket, Ergo Armrest offers a great range of adjustment and set-up, with simplified internal cable routing
  • Shimano Ultegra R8050/8000 11-speed drivetrain with Di2 8050 front and rear derailleurs, R8060 & SW-R9160 aero shifters and R8060 brake levers
  • R8000 52-36T crankset, CN701 chain, 11-28 cassette, R8000 standard dual pivot brake calipers; Cervelo BBright Connect 24x90 bottom bracket,
  • Mavic Cosmic Elite clincher wheelset w/ 700x23 Continental Ultra Sport II tires/tubes
  • Profile Design 1/Zeroseven stem, FSA 1 1/8" headset, ISM PS 1.0 saddle
  • Available sizes: 48, 51, 54, 56, 58, 61 cm
  • Color: Fluoro/Black
Reg Price $6,000.00
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Cervelo Geometry Chart

Aspero Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandover StackReach
Caledonia (all) Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandover StackReach
R3 / R-Series Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandover StackReach
R5 Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandover StackReach
S3 Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandover StackReach
S5 Geometry
SizeTop Tube LengthHead Tube HeightHead AngleSeat AngleStandoverStackReach