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Pearl Izumi PRO Escape Thermal Bib Short

Pearl Izumi has long driven inventive fabric design and applications to power their clothing line-up. New technology means new opportunity, and PI Dry™ is a game changer. Now water protection is integrated into the fabric, and effectively permanent, making transitional pieces in particular much more capable.

As cyclocross has continued to grow, the so-called thermal bib short has become popular with cyclists and clothing manufacturers alike. Cold dry mornings often mean leg or knee warmers to start, and super-lightweight summer bib shorts just don't match up well with thermal warmers, but anybody who has ridden in the mountains knows, when the sun comes up, so does the heat, so the best balance is a thermal bib short, and warmers you can remove, then slip back on if necessary for the long descent on the shady side coming back into town. Made at the P.R.O. level, Escape Thermal Bib Short features thermal fabric, with the panel structure Pearl has perfected, permanently treated with PI Dry™ water shedding technology, the outstanding P.R.O. Escape 1:1 Chamois®, and impeccable construction you expect from the company. When you plan to ride from 50-60°F (+/- depending on your preferences), this is the high performance bib short you not only need, but deserve.

Keeping warm and comfortable in wet or dry conditions, and thus not overextending yourself just to "keep warm" or forcing muscles to fight the cold is the purpose of the P.R.O. Escape Thermal Bib Short. The nylon, polyester, elastane blend fleece traps heat, holding it in the fabric. As excess heat, then sweat, is created the excess is displaced. Therma Fleece doesn't block wind, and it allows slight air infiltration to assist in this process. The material has been woven for optimal stretch and great retention, so you get active muscle compression. Panels are set up in alignment with muscle requirements to move freely, yet hold and support, particularly up into the core and waist. Pearl's shaped, long, flat leg opening holds perfectly making sure the 9" inseam stays in place. The addition of PI Dry, which doesn't add weight or limit the breathability means you get the protection and warmth you need without compromise to comfort or fit.

The upper is P.R.O. Transfer fabric which has excellent stretch, a soft feel and impressive moisture management, with a raw-cut edge for a smooth transition the skin and an outer layer. This means you stay cool, dry, and supported and you can use upper body layering and active airflow to find the best comfort range for you expected effort level and overall climate conditions on your ride.

Even with all the great thermal, fit, and moisture management described, perhaps the real gem in the the P.R.O. Escape Thermal Bib Short is the super comfortable P.R.O. Escape 1:1 Chamois pad. The designers at Pearl have been driving chamois development for decades, setting new standards continuously. The seamless design, overall comfort on the skin, and body-contoured shape only begin the story. Alignment, shape and pressure points are fully accounted for with Pearl's most updated 360° 1:1 anatomic analysis of how the rider and chamois interact with the saddle and the exact padding and support requirements involved. It is hard to simplify, but think of it in terms of a minimalist approach to pressure relief, as opposed to structural support, in terms of how it feels. The floating top sheet removes any edges from sensitive areas, and allows for incredible stretch and overall comfort. As a whole it breathes easily and quickly for a dry riding experience.

With Pearl Izumi you get superior and durable construciton with double-needle and flat lock stitching, perfect fit, and reflective highlights, all standard. If you are like most cyclists in the US, about half of the year you experience temperatures and conditions that the P.R.O. Escape Thermal Bib Short is designed for. Though we know the vast majority of enthusiasts pull out the bike around Memorial Day, and are lucky to get out just a few weeks after Labor Day, there is a sizable group of riders who push the seasons on both ends, and also tend to ride in more extreme circumstances. If that description fits you, pull this warm, water protective bib short on, clip in and go.


  • Thermal bib shorts with PI Dry™ providing warmth for critical areas, permanent water resistance and versatile functionality
  • Ideal for use with PI Dry thermal leg or knee warmers for maximum use flexibility
  • Thermal fleece fabric provides optimal insulation, stretch, moisture management
  • PI Dry technology permanently bonds to Therma Fleece fibers
  • P.R.O. Transfer Fabric on bib upper for superior comfort; raw cut edge
  • Anatomic P.R.O. Escape 1:1 Chamois® with floating top sheet
  • Raw edge construction on leg opening, silicone against skin to hold in place
  • Flat lock and double needle seams maximize comfort, durability
  • Temperature range: 50-65°F
  • Body: Body: 56% nylon 30% polyester 14% Lycra; Fabric Weight: 261 g/m2
  • Upper: 46% nylon 38% polyester 16% Lycra
  • BioViz™ reflective elements for low-light visibility
  • 9.5" inseam (Medium)
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 200 grams (Medium)
Reg Price $175.00
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