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Maxxis Padrone TR Tubeless Road Tire

The Padrone from Maxxis enters the gradually expanding road tubeless market at an ideal time. When roadies complain about the slow development development of road tubeless tires, we generally try to point out that mountain tubeless took nearly a decade to take hold and options, better versions to flourish. Companies are working to solve difficult technical issues, and also have to work around, or pay for patents. Maxxis has taken the time to apply rubber compound knowledge, protection and safety requirements, as well as test rider feedback, and the Padrone Tubeless exceeded our expectations.

A major challenge in designing road tubeless is how to mimic the feel of a tubular tire, or a terrific clincher that has also been built to feel like a tubular. Maxxis has achieved that characteristic ride with an impermeable butyl inner liner and carbon fiber bead cushion for an air-tight seal that retains pressure longer than its competitors, but remains supple under load from the surface through the rounded profile of the tire. For protection, the terrific Maxxis Silkworm protection layer is a finely woven, flexible mesh incorporated into the 120tpi casing to increase puncture and tear resistance- again without compromising feel.

Maxxis uses its carefully matched I-MAX dual tread compound for low rolling resistance and long tread ware in the center, and a stickier compound on the side tread for enhanced grip in the corners. The smooth rubber surface of the tire may not look like a grippy performer, especially in wet conditions, but the genius is in the rubber compounds, not in a tread pattern. We do recommend your first few rides be on dry pavement to get a slight wear on the surface before riding in the wet, but perhaps that is just our cautionary perspective- Maxxis offers no such direction. In our opinion, Padrone enters the road tubeless market as a top competitor to the current market leaders, and if you run road tubeless you need to offer up respect to the Padrone.


  • Tubeless road tire with excellent grip and feel
  • Supple 120 tpi casing with Silkworm Puncture Protection
  • High-strength carbon fiber bead and butyl inner liner for amazing tubeless air retention
  • Dual Compound I-MAX Tubeless Technology delivers durability and grip
  • Includes a pair of Maxxis tire levers
  • Max psi: 125
  • Weight: 700x25 310g


Reg Price $90.00