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Silca Platinum Tubeless Rim Tape

The modern Silca brand not only builds incredible floor pumps, but is also offering great tools as well. But problem solving and product development are also drivers of the ambitious ownership. Take the now simple and ubiquitous tubeless rim tape. Silca examined the options and challenges for road, cross and mountain tubeless set-ups, and determined that tape thickness, flexibility and adhesion could all be improved to make tubeless tire installation and removal easier. In the process the sealing could be improved.

Silca developed their thinner, lighter, more flexible Platinum Tubeless Rim Tape that is 25% stronger while being 25% lighter than the competition. With increased flexibility and reduced, getting the tape to conform to the rim bed is much easier. As the tape got thinner, the actual adhesive surface got thicker, to better fill gaps and inconsistencies in the rim bed surface. The newly designed Full Synthetic adhesive system is stronger than traditional adhesives on aluminum and optimized to be up to 30% stronger on carbon surface.

This Platinum tape can be wrapped in single layers on mountain and cross rims (up to 80psi), which run lower pressures. Road use requires higher pressures, so Silca requires two layers over 80psi. Don't fret, the 2-layers weigh in at only 9 grams on a 700c rim, and is much thinner than a 2 layer wrap from the competition. Please keep in mind that this tape is designed for tubeless ready rims and tires. If you have compatibility questions about the rim itself, you must check with the rim manufacturer. If you have a road rim that is not tubeless, you can still use 2 layers of Platinum tape to replace your existing rim strip to take advantage of this thin, lightweight tape- this does not make your rim and tire tubeless.

Anecdotal reports indicate that Silca's Platinum Tubeless Rim Tape is as durable as other tubeless tape products and many users have had better results on carbon tubeless ready rims than with thicker tape, so Silca has a serious entrant into the world of tubeless ready set-ups.


  • Silca tubeless ready rim tape is stronger, lighter, thinner, with better adhesion on carbon and aluminum tubeless ready rims than the competition
  • Reduced thickness improves tire installation/removal compared to thicker tapes
  • 25% stronger tape material allows for 25% thinner tape conforms better to rim
  • 15% thicker adhesive layer better fills porosities and surface imperfections for improved sealing
  • Full Synthetic adhesive system is stronger than traditional adhesives on aluminum and optimized to be up to 30% stronger on carbon surfaces
  • 21mm Tape Fits 15c-19c Rims, 25mm Tape Fits 21c-27c Rims
  • 2 Wraps of tape for Road Wheels (over 80psi), 1 Wrap for Mountain/CX (under 80psi)
  • 9m will Wrap 2 Road Disc Wheels, 4 CX/29'er Wheels or 5 26" Mtn Wheels
  • Can be used as ultra-light rim tape on non-tubeless rims with inner tubes (2 wraps required) does not make the set-up tubeless
  • Roll length: 9 meters
  • Width options: 21mm, 25mm
  • Color: Platinum

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