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Campagnolo Potenza 11 Speed Rear Derailleur

The Short Cage version of the Campagnolo Potenza Rear Derailleur was designed to accommodate up to a 29 tooth rear cog, so most of the 11-speed cassettes can be run with no problems, even with the 39-53 standard double chainring set-up. To run the 11-32 cassette for even greater range, you will need the mid-cage version. With Potenza, Campy has carried the same design and shifting technologies found on the flagship Super Record group, but with more cost-effective aluminum and ultra-light technopolymer construction over carbon, as well as less bling in the nuts, bolts and pulleys. Mechanically, Campagnolo works the same now across all 11-speed groupsets, so while you sacrifice some weight, friction reduction, and high-end goodies, you get matching performance so you still know you are riding Campy, and you can upgrade within the 11-speed mechanical line.

Potenza offers the mechanical Multishifting technology that was engineered for EPS electronic groups, and while you can't get make a change over the full 11 cassette cogs, you do get up to 5 downshifts and 3 upshifts from a single lever action. Campy has carried the derailleur body design down from Super Record, so the limit screws are now on the back portion of the upper body. The cage and body design is more efficient with cross-section springs used in the upper body and parallelogram, and both upper and lower pulleys feature bushings for immediate natural alignment under shifting load. You still get the traditional positive and reassuring Campagnolo shift feel, but the speed and action are faster and require less energy through the mechanical system.

Improving the cog to cog functionality and shifting, especially with the wider ranges of modern cassettes, the engineers designed the derailleur for increased wrap on each cog, which prevents helps to prevent mis-shifts, but also improves cog to cog shifting, even with extreme chain angles. The cassette teeth and chain of all 11-speed groups have also been engineered for this requirement. The concept of "losing" gears to cross-chaining limitations are gone.

It is important to note that the Potenza Short Cage Rear Derailleur weighs just 209 grams, and this low weight is due in part to the fact that the upper body is has been constructed as a molded unit of ultra-light technopolymer , that incredibly strong, resilient to impact, cost-effective, and can be machined with near the same precision as metal. Aluminum is used for the cage and linkages, with finished steel bolts and fitments that resist corrosion and can be subjected to regular tool use. This is the essence of Campagnolo's commitment to performance and durability and Potenza wears the badge proudly.


  • 11-speed short cage rear derailleur compatible across the Campagnolo 11-spd line-up
  • 55mm cage length designed for cassettes up to 29T cogs, even with 39-53 chainrings
  • Used with mechanical shifters with Multishift capability, 5 downshifts, 3 upshifts with single lever action
  • Both upper/lower pulley wheels ride on bushings for immediate and proper alignment
  • Embrace engineering delivers more chainwrap over cogs for extreme angles
  • Upper body designed as Super Record, with limit screws on back of body
  • Ultra-light technopolymer used in upper body to reduce weight, yet remains durable
  • Aluminum pulley cage retains stiffness and alignment during shifts
  • Finished steel bolts and fitments resist corrosion and tool wear
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 209 grams

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