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Michelin Power Protection Plus Tire

Gravel racing or riding, and loaded road touring riding really call for a performance tire with exceptional protection from impact, cuts, puncture and abrasion. The Michelin Power Protection+ Tire represents the best of such tires because the engineers work within five parameters to ensure that every tire in the Power series finds a crucial balance of all five, without sacrificing any single feature. With the Power Protection+, clearly the scales tip towards protection, but ride quality, grip, low rolling resistance, mileage, and weight haven't been set aside.

The Power series replaces the Pro4's and notable improvements in rubber compound, casing construction, and tread have all contributed to making the Power Protection+ a superior protection-style tire. The 3 plies of 110 tpi casing offer a more supple ride quality and improved road feel, while the rubber compound been optimized for low rolling resistance and high mileage, as well as abrasion and cut resistance. But protection is the name of the game and not only has puncture protection increased 20% with a full Bead2Bead , but with the advanced abrasion resistance you get a tire that can handle the roughest surfaces and loose material- a true advantage when road conditions are rough, such as when riding rough gravel.

The challenge was to maintain some feel and maintaining grip, so the new tread void pattern referred to as Grip Design was developed to complement the durable Bi-Compound rubber. The directional voids move from the center outward, adding siping for any water, but also increasing active grip in a manner that feels natural and progressive. Anyone who has ridden a tire with pronounced center-to-shoulder changes understands what this means. You get used to such transitions but do you ever truly trust them? The Pro Protection+ Tire doesn't ask you to, which inspires confidence and allows you to focus on the pavement or track ahead, not the section you are flying over. Michelin has truly found a balance that works well, as if you are comfortable with grip, feel, and overall level of protection, you can assertively hold your line no matter what the conditions bring.

There was a time not long ago when if you wanted a Michelin with serious protection you chose a tire such as the Krylion. While that was a great tire for puncture protection, and a favorite of bike commuters, it was lacking in grip and feel. The Power Protection+ Tire was developed to fill the commuter need, but also with specific attention to the requirements of gravel riding and loaded touring. The Bead2Bead ProTek+ breaker is crucial to eliminating sidewall cuts and abrasion that can strand you, in need of a tire. Where Excel sits in Colorado we have miles of county dirt and gravel roads, as well as chip seal, so you can be sure the Power Protection Plus+ will be mounted on numerous bikes out here. We like to ride fast on the pavement as well, and the low rolling resistance and moderate weight are more than welcome with such protection. With 700x23, 25, and 28mm options, you can find a version that fits your frame and regular usage. Michelin's Power series tires have deeply impressed us, and we expect you will have the same experience.


  • Maximum protection in a performance clincher for high mileage, gravel, touring use
  • Impressive puncture, abrasion, impact, and sidewall protection
  • Bi-Compound rubber has low rolling resistance and XX rubber for mileage, durability
  • Bead2Bead Aramid ProTek+ breaker system protects against abrasion, cuts, impact
  • Casing is made from 3-plies of 110 tpi material for surprisingly supple ride quality
  • Grip Design directional tread void adds active grip, complements rubber properties
  • Tread Wear Indicator in surface allows you gauge tire life
  • Excellent tire for disc brake equipped bikes that see rough road surfaces /conditions
  • Sizes: 700 x 23, 25, 28 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 23mm 255g, 25mm 270g, 28mm 295g
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Reg Price $59.99


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