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Time RXS Carbon Pedals

Although a very different pedal when compared to the Xpresso series, the RXS Carbon has a devote following. Enough so, that Time continues to produce them. Although the RXS doesn't have the Xpresso's brilliant entry design, they do offer the same bio mechanics with identical amounts of lateral and rotational float. Both angular and lateral float working in tandem make the Time pedal design unique and the most bio mechanically correct pedal available today. The shoe/foot is permitted to rotate and move side to side(laterally) and naturally adjust during the pedal stroke. The fact that both of these mechanisms are built into the pedal greatly reduces any friction that occurs. The cleat moves around during the pedal stroke and the rider is unaware that it is occurring.

Construction of the RXS Carbon features a full carbon body with hollow steel axle. The nickel-plated engagement arch allows for smooth action and helps protect the carbon body from wear.

Included are a pair of one-piece Time RXS cleats. They feature three integrated non-slip stabilizers that grip the ground and provide excellent stability. They are not part of the engagement system, so they do not effect entry and exit when worn down. The engagement cleat is tucked away underneath and inside the cleat so it will not come in contact with the ground while walking around.


  • Carbon body
  • Hollow steel axle
  • RXS cleats and mounting hardware included
  • 2.5mm of lateral float
  • 234 grams/pair
  • Made in France
Reg Price $200.00
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Average Rating:


Posted on 8/16/2012

I have been riding the RXS Carbon pedals for several years - eight or nine maybe - I have lost count. I have used them on all of my main road bikes in that time, in all conditions and over thousands of road miles, without a single problem. The platform is sufficiently big, there is plenty of float, and they are reasonably light (if that is an important factor). My only very minor gripe is that I have learned to keep an eye on cleats for wear. They can wear out pretty quickly. These are great (and not $400). Buy them.

Pros Reliable, good float, affordable, light-ish


Posted on 8/16/2012

4 Years now on the same set of Time pedals, about 13.5K miles. No problems at all. Changed cleats about 6K miles ago. Still no problems.

Pros None-they break in well

Cons None


Posted on 9/3/2010 6:41:49 PM

I’ve been on the same pair of Time RXS pedals for 6 years now, used them for close to 30K miles of training, countless double centuries, a 400-miler, and two Furnace Creek 508 races. Never had a single problem. Got the RXS Carbons as a replacement when I moved the original RXS pedals to my fixie. Under normal circumstances (rides of 400 miles or less), my knees have zero problems. During the 508, I developed some right knee soreness, but it was due to extreme overuse and not the pedals. I will never use another brand of road pedals.


Posted on 1/25/2009 5:59:01 PM

Although generally the material quality and craftsmanship is excellent, these are certainly not as easy to clip in as the Look Keo, the standard bearer in that category. It take a bit of learning to be able to clip in on the first try and even after 100s of miles, it’s a bit of hit or miss. On the plus side, the cleats are far more easier to walk in than Look’s


Posted on 7/25/2008 12:50:52 PM

I recently purchased a pair of these Time RXS Carbon Pedals. I love them compared to my Shimano SPD. Yes they are light therefore comfortable on your feet. I usually do 70 miles on my long rides and at the end of the ride my feet don’t have that cramping feeling like i would have with my other pedals. The price at Excel is 33 % lower than other popular Online resellers. I am getting a second pair for my other bike.


Posted on 7/12/2008 5:39:54 PM

A good pedal, reasonably light, easy to service and maintain. The only problem I have concerns the narrow platform which, while saving weight, makes entry into the system a little more challenging than a Shimano or Look pedal. Make sure that the tension for release and float is to your liking. Bottom line, don’t be so concerned about weight, instead focus on speed of entry and release for racing and comfort, both for your knees and feet.


Posted on 5/13/2008 12:23:57 PM

I recently purchased some new Look Keo’s because of recomendations from family and found out that I made a bad mistake. My knees are bad and when I started riding them they get real sore. Because I had been riding Time pedals for nearly 15 years prior to my chift over to Look I quickly dumped the Looks and went back to the Time’s. As usual, they continue to be the best pedals out there. Trust me, once you try these pedals you will never go back to anything else.