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SRAM Red Ergo Dynamic Shift Brake Levers

The SRAM Red Ergo Dynamic Double Tap Controls received several logical refinements over the first generation levers. SRAM's original Red DoubleTap mechanical levers are hugely popular and Pro Tour proven. SRAM engineers were not content so every aspect of the levers was examined and the result is a Lever with improved Ergonomics that enhances this most critical contact point with the bike.

SRAM made lever slightly more narrow through the mid section for a little better finger wrap and feeling of control. The bump on the front of the lever is a little larger which creates a better, more natural resting spot for the thumb and forefinger. SRAM wisely added some texture to the hoods for better tactile feel.

A slightly longer brake lever makes breaking from the drops much easier - no more need to awkwardly reach up with the finger tips. The size of the shifting paddle has also been slightly increased so less force is required. Each lever has an independent reach adjuster that is more easily accessed with a 2.5mm hex wrench so there are no excuses for not having perfect reach adjustment.

SRAM retains the same internals and Double Tap shifting where both up and downshifts are delivered through a single lever. A light push gets into the harder gears and a more extended push moves the chain up the cassette in the climbing gears. ZeroLoss™ shifting is retained where there is always an immediate shift response. SRAM improved the clamp design that now allows for better fit and adjustment on the latest carbon handlebars. A complete set of cable and housing are included and the shifting cables can be routed on the inside or outside of the handle bar just like the previous generation.


  • 280 grams
  • ErgoFit textured body and hoods improves grip and finger wrap
  • Individual reach adjust with a 2.5mm hex
  • Longer blade improves braking from the drop
  • Larger shift paddle for lower effort shifts
  • New clamp allows for better fit and adjustment on the latest carbon handlebars
  • Includes full set of cables and housing

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