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SRAM Red eTap Shifter

The wireless shifting 2x11-speed Red e-Tap system from SRAM keeps your set-up clean and aero-efficient while providing secure wireless shifting to the 11-speed e-Tap front and rear derailleurs. While shifters are offered in rim or hydraulic disc brake (referred to as HRD) options, this item is the rim brake version. This set-up offers the lightest and sleekest lever design on the market, with excellent ergonomics and overall performance. The rim brake Red eTap Shifter is sold individually, as Right or Left.

The e-Tap system features rechargeable batteries that power the actions of the derailleurs, while the shifters each contain a replaceable CR2032 coin cell battery that send the signal vis the secure AIREA communication system. SRAM rates this battery life at approximately 2 years at 15 hours of riding per week, so you will rarely need to change the CR2032's, though they are readily available and easy to access. The brake levers themselves are carbon, with a larger paddle plastic-composite design to engage the shift lever action. The e-Tap 11-speed shift logic sets the rear derailleur upshifts from the left lever and the downshift action from the right lever. To shift the front derailleur you engage both levers at the same time. The front is self trimming to the chainline so a single action is all that is required. It is different from traditional shifting, but actually very easy to get used to and very efficient. This system is not customizable. For set-up and adjustment, LED levers on the paddles give a straightforward indication of status.

For braking, the cable actuated mechanical braking is all you can ask for, with the new ergonomic short pull lever working perfectly with the Red rim brake caliper or a road mechanical disc caliper. The lever shape and internal design have been improved over the 10-speed Red system and feels more powerful while offering more control and modulation. Overall the hood shape and textured hood cover feel comfortable and sure in the hand, with the material and texture supplying excellent grip when wet with bare hands or gloves. The Red system overall is highly refined and features top quality SRAM build and materials.


  • Red e-Tap wireless shifting 11-speed lever for cable actuated braking systems (rim or mech disc)
  • Sold individually as Right or Left for mechanical braking system
  • Shifter employs e-Tap signal powered via CR2032 coin cell battery
  • SRAM's AIREA wireless communication protocol is secure, specific between the components once paired
  • Developed for 2x drivetrains, the shift logic is fixed, not customizable
  • System is precise, responsive, and efficient with a slight positive feedback that confirms actuation
  • e-Tap RD shifting logic: right lever downshifts, left lever upshifts
  • e-Tap FD shifting logic: actuate shift lever on both sides at same time; self trimming system (if the cahin is on the big ring, it will go down, if on the small ring it will go up, simple no?)
  • LED indicators on paddles for set-up, connection confirmation, adjustment
  • Hood and lever design more ergonomic; brake lever is carbon fiber, shift lever/paddle is plastic composite with a textured paddle surface for sure shift feel
  • Silicone hood is soft in feel, but durable and offers inherent grip, with additional texture
  • Cable actuated braking for road rim caliper brakes or road mechanical disc brakes with short pull
  • Feel and power with Red Aero rim brake calipers has been improved over 10-speed system
  • Includes: Brake cable (no housing/fittings)
  • Options: Right, Left
  • Finish: Black w/white Red logo on brake lever
  • Weight: Approx 130 grams (single shifter only)
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Reg Price $319.00