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K-Edge Road Clamp-on Chain Catcher

The best chain catchers offer positional flexibility, utter reliability, and are lightweight and durable. Today's frames can be incredibly expensive and a single drop can cause serious damage. The K-Edge Road Clamp-on Chain Catcher is designed for frames with round seattubes (from at least just below the front derailleur mounting zone). The two part device features a clamp and a sculpted, shaped extension that is curved for optimal positioning to the inner chainring. You can completely control the arm angle from the single mounting bolt, which allows for precise positioning that can save your frame and prevent mis-shifts. Many cyclists don't bother with chain catchers these days, as frame and drivetrain stiffness and overall quality has greatly improved shifting reliability. The cyclists who use them most are serious enthusiasts and racing cyclists, including a great many Pro riders know that a missed shift can blow a race, and many of their shifts are under extreme duress.

More road riders can take advantage of the frame protection if they simply think of it as insurance. For a small one-time payment, you can prevent thousands of dollars in damage. And with such a lightweight and easy-to-use device, K-Edge make the choice a no-brainer. The CNC machined aluminum Road Clamp-on Chain Catcher weighs only 23 grams, yet is incredibly strong. The hinged clamp fastens with a single bolt, and resists torsion from the single bolt catching arm. It is easy to set-up the clamp and arm, then torque to specification. Protect your frame investment and maintain top performance with one of the best chain catching devices made anywhere.


  • Lightweight and utterly reliable clamp-style catcher for road bike use
  • Two piece assembly, hinged clamp body, offset chain catcher
  • Clamp can be mounted independently of catcher
  • Precision CNC machined 6061 T6 aluminum
  • Shaped and scultped catcher extension won't damage chain
  • Mounts below existing clamp mounted front derailleurs
  • For round seat tube frames or frames with a round tube beneath the front derailleur
  • Clamp Size: 34.9mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 23 grams

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