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Jagwire Road Elite Link Shift Kit

Alloy linked shifting systems have always offered an almost effortless like shifting feel. Nokon knew this and capitalized on the design. Well, there's a new sheriff in town. Jagwire has thrown their hat in the ring with the Elite Link Shift Kit. Similar in design to the Nokon with some added features that make it a winner.

The core of the Elite Link system is the PTFE (Teflon) liner. The PTFE coated cables slides effortlessly through this liner. The math looks something like this: PTFE coated cable floating through a PTFE liner = zero friction. From there, individual links are slid on over the liner. These links provide valuable protection and assist in thwarting cable compression. The alloy links bend and flex like a reed in the wind and offer up perfect Zen like bends that look beautiful when laced up on your bike. Jagwire smartly includes rubber links which you install over the alloy links wherever the housing will touch the frame. These rubber links will prevent scratching up your frame.

The complete kit includes 1 - Shimano/SRAM compatible 1500mm PTFE wrapped front cable, 1 -Shimano/SRAM compatible 2300mm PTFE wrapped rear cable, 1- 450mm housing links with 920mm Lubed Liner, 1- 450mm with 920mm Lubed Liner, 1 - 380mm with 1100mm Lubed Liner. Also included is a small parts kit that has: 30 - Links, 15 - Mini Tube Tops, 6 - Cable Donuts, 2 - Cable Tips, 1 - Dirt Guard and 2 - Rotating Hooks.


  • Alloy linkage for lightweight and anti-compression
  • PTFE coated liner and cables for smooth action
  • Easy to install
  • Includes Shimano/SRAM compatible cables
  • Works with split cable frames
  • Choose color

Currently Jagwire doesn't offer full length housing kits. They can only be used with frames that have split housing or internal lacing as long as it is not a full cable running through the frame's tube

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