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Schwalbe S-One Tubeless Folding Tire

Attention all gravel racers, cobble riders, multi-surface commuters, and fast adventure riders looking for a premium tubeless tire with a perfect mid-size volume: the 700x30 Schwalbe S-One Tubeless Tire is here. This is the tread design has conquered Roubaix and Flanders in all conditions as tubular and tubeless options. The two versions are pretty evenly matched, but the tubeless version is actually more durable, offers more grip, less rolling resistance, and greater puncture protection than the tubular. Oh, and it is lighter as well, by 30 grams. This an EVO line tire, so you are getting premium materials and construction, with the most up to date technology.

Schwalbe's Tubeless Easy design makes installation, sealing, and maintenance much more manageable than nearly all road tubeless tires.The S-One is an excellent tire for tubeless wheel users who either race or prefer to ride on a race-level tire. The performance and low rolling resistance make this tubeless ready tire a true competitor to tubulars for event use. Remember that rolling resistance is not only a question of rubber, tread and pressure, but also the friction caused by tube/tire interaction- which has always given tubulars a superior experience. Tubeless eliminates the tube- dropping that weight and friction If you need a fast rolling, oversized tubeless road tire with sure grip in all conditions, either select and buy now, or read on for details.

Start with the Tubeless Easy design. This advanced construction has resulted in a far more supple tire that the company considers TL Easy, for easy to mount. Anyone who has wrestled with, or snapped tire levers trying to install a road tubeless tire will be happy to hear that the Pro One Tubeless can be installed and removed without tools with most rim combinations if handled properly. Some of that comes from the bead and it is assisted by the 127 tpi MicroSkin casing, which is more flexible- while still providing excellent puncture protection. The improvement in ride quality in this current road tubeless tire has greatly improved feel and suppleness, while still offering great sidewall abrasion and overall puncture protection as well as providing the easier installation/removal process and fast sealing.

The final piece of the S-One puzzle is found in the OneStar rubber compound. This is Schwalbe's race-level triple durometer compound. Weighted towards low rolling resistance and puncture protection, it suffers some in the wear and mileage aspect. The long term wear question is unfair to ask of a truly efficient race-level tire. The best tubed clincher and tubular race tires don't sell themselves on mileage. The need for grip and suppleness means that even the firmer of the three durometer rubbers used is softer than a high mileage tire. With the use of a consistent small dot pattern on the medium durometer rubber, neither water nor grit impact excellent adherence and feel, even while cornering under load. While OneStar has been formulated for lower rolling resistance at lower pressures, it is effective throughout the pressure range, so heavier riders can use the higher end of the 50-80 psi range without a degradation of performance.

The S-One Tubeless Tire will surely be viewed by some as an event only tire. There is nothing wrong with that thought process, but this is such a great tire to ride every day for those who like to push their bikes, even on a rough commute home. We'd prefer to consider the S-One the way we do Schwalbe's great EVO mountain bike tires. Yes, you may change them a bit more frequently than another option, but having confidence in the grip and feel, as well as knowing potential service will not result in bloody knuckles, all make the riding experience better. If you are like most of the staff here at Excel, when you go out, you go out hard, and push yourself and the bike. The right tires enhance that experience. The S-One Tubeless Tire can be that tire for your endurance road, gravel, cross, or commuter. The choice is yours. Schwalbe offers the tire, and if you choose to use it, you will have a hard time going back to anything else.


  • Superior EVO-line tubeless road tire for gravel, endurance road, fast adventure bikes
  • Lightweight, flexible 127tpi MicroSkin casing makes for easier install, supple ride
  • Supple casing carries bead to bead abrasion and V-Guard puncture protection
  • OneStar triple rubber race compound ensures grip in wet or dry conditions
  • Low rolling resistance and road feel at any pressure through full psi range
  • Wide, flat dimple tread pattern for great wet or dry grip over any road terrain
  • TL Easy designation means easier tubeless installation and removal on most rims
  • Schwalbe recommends the use of sealant to manage small punctures
  • NoTubes makes Schwalbe's Doc Blue, an equivalent to NoTubes Race Sealant
  • Size: 700x30
  • Pressure range: 55-80 psi
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 330 grams
Reg Price $88.76


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