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Fizik Saddle Pak w Integrated Clip ICS Small

The Fizik Saddle Pack uses the unique Fizik clip system with no straps. A tab on the pack slides into the receptacle under the saddle shell. The ICS clip on the bag has three positions so you can customize the angle of the bag. The bag is made from water resistant material and zipper. It has a reflective safety patch and a tail light holding strap. Must have Fizik ICS compatible saddle to be able to use bag.


  • No straps required!
  • Tail light holding strap
  • Reflective safety patch
  • Made from water resistant material and zipper
  • ICS clip on the bag has three positions so you can customize the angle

    Saddles compatible with the ICS system (2007 version and newer):Aliante Carbon, Aliante Gamma, Arione Wing Flex, Pave HP, Vitesse HP, Gobi, Nisene HP, Rondine, Arione TRI2 Wing Flex, Vitesse TRI, Nisene CP,Pave CP, Vitesse CP, Rondine CP

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    Posted on 3/6/2016

    I've had the bag for about 6 months. Today a hit a good bump in the road and the plastic clip broke off. Pretty bad engineering.

    Pros Nice to be able to easily move between bikes.

    Cons Weak plastic will break off sooner or later.


    Posted on 8/9/2012

    I agree with what the previous posts say. I love the idea, but if you ride on county roads with alot of bumps, in about a year you will have to stop that sprint and ride back to pick up that bag.

    Pros Looks

    Cons Not reliable


    Posted on 7/30/2010 5:14:43 PM

    I had an identical bag and the zipper is toast after one year and not more than 10 open/close cycles. Who knows what this one does, but I opted for a Pedro’s bag of the same size. Strap on rails only so no seat post rubbing velcro on my thigh.


    Posted on 5/31/2010 10:07:38 AM

    I agree with the previous post. Rivets fail and the clip breaks. I have been through 2 bags already in 2 years.


    Posted on 9/7/2008 12:25:05 PM

    I second what the first reviewer said. I am on my third bag at this point. The rivets are weak plastic and eventually stretch and then fail, and my second bag broke on the right side of the clip itself and the rivets looked like they were about to fail too. I like the way the bag attaches and functions - - but the attachment is very unreliable they need to redesign the support structure


    Posted on 4/21/2008 3:50:43 PM

    The bag part is well built and has sort of a hard shell internally so it keeps it’s shape - no problems there. The problem is the plastic clip. 1) it’s riveted to the bag and the rivets fall apart and pull out of the bag. 2) the plastic clip is so flimsy it snaps. 3) the clip attaches loosely to the saddle so it rattles as you ride.
    I’ve had two of these bags and each one broke. Every time I fix it, the clip breaks in a new spot, or another rivet falls out. Another example of a good idea with a bad design.