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King Cage Stainless Steel Bottle Cage

The classic shape and clean simple appearance of this handmade Stainless Steel Bottle Cage has great appeal to many cyclists. Stainless steel cages are durable and timeless, looking as good on your new carbon frame as they do on your 1980's Miyata Team. The 304 tubular stainless won't mar your bottles, and is resilient to impact or bending. Bottle grip is generally firm, even with the tallest bottles.The curved lip shape makes bottle entry and exit clean and easy. The shapes and curves have been carefully designed to best carry standard bike bottles without constantly manipulating the cage.

There aren't too many bike accessories made in the USA any more, and buying a cage from King Cage is a measure of support for the company itself. Made in Durango, CO by a cycling industry veteran, these stainless beauties are built with steel sourced from American suppliers and easily carry 21 and 24oz bottles on the road or trail, and weigh just 48 grams. With the rapid growth of adventure and endurance bikes, many of which are stell, we are seeing a renewed interest in stainless steel cages, but here at Excel we have carried options for many years, so the appeal has never been lost on us. Support a US small business and enjoy the look and practical excellence of King Cage Stainless Steel Bottle Cages.


  • Tubular 304 Stainless Steel bottle cage
  • Handmade from US sourced materials
  • Resilient to use and impact
  • Natural finish won't mar bottles
  • Curved shape ensures smooth entry and exit, with excellent bottle retention
  • Weight: 48 grams per cage
  • Made in Durango, CO
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Posted on 3/31/2016

I am surprised by the reviewer with such a negative experience, though it seems more to do with the customer service of the manufacturer than the cage itself. Having owned and used these cages for over 15 years on multiple bikes, I have only had one failure. I contacted the manufacturer on this five year old cage and they asked me to send it. I did, and I received a new one a few weeks after mine was sent out. I certainly didn't expect that from a 6 year old bottle cage. As for the comparison to Blackburn, I have found the King Cage to be far superior for bottle retention, and much more durable than the Chicane cages I tried from Blackburn. Nothing against Blackburn, I could have requested replacement after a year of constant adjustment, but I simply gave them away and bought a few more King Cages.

Pros Resilient, clean design, made in USA

Cons None


Posted on 2/14/2013

The cage itself is a great product. Durable, reasonably priced, etc. Customer service from Andrews who makes the cage is another story. I had a cage break and I contacted Andrews about it. Ron said send it in and I'll repair it. That was over 3 months ago. I have called him at least 5 times and he keeps saying: oh yeah, I'll get it to you soon. Today he said: I fixed it I just have to get to the post office to mail it, I'll try to do that today. Good product but costomer service at the manufacturer is some of the worst I've ever experienced and I'm 46 years old. If you have one of these break throw it away and buy something else. My wife had a bottle cage break from another company, I called the company (Blackburn) and they sent me a new cage within a week. I didn't even have to return the old one. I won't buy another King cage.

Pros durable, reasonable cost

Cons horrible customer service


Posted on 11/27/2010 8:17:21 AM

These are great cages. Hold the bottle securely, made of steel so no marks on the bottle. Also very basic and good looking.


Posted on 4/29/2010 8:02:06 AM

An excellent bottle cage. Near seamless weld. Unlike the Blackburn Chicane, it securely holds Camelbak Podium bottles.


Posted on 4/13/2007 5:47:15 PM

I have two of these on my Serotta Legend Ti. They’ve lasted 5 years and them one of them broke at the weld. The weld should be a quarter of an inch higher on the cage so that the weld is supported by the lower cage bracket.