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Briko Stinger

When you think Briko, most see Cippolini in a strange 3-hole helmet and bold, binocular-style sunglass surging ahead of the pack to dominate yet another sprint. The Briko Stinger has evolved since then, but the shape is unmistakable. This is a Briko design icon and has a history in worldwide cycling beyond Super Mario. It is recommended for all the free fighters who want to live the thrill of the great sport with high European fashion, potentially in a nude effect full body painted skinsuit. The binocular frame is unmistakable and is nealry always paired with a mirrored lens that evokes stardom. The Stinger is also that rare piece of medium eyewear that fits almost every face shape and size, in large part due to the flexibility of the frame and the highly adjustable nosepiece.

The Stinger offers great eye protection from the wind, and then of course must have ventilation to reduce the risk of fogging. The upper bridge of the TR90 Grilamid frame has small holes that allow air to circulate and drive perspiration off your lower forehead and brow zone. The nosepiece and ear pieces feature a soft, hydrophilic rubber material that ensures great hold firmly when wet or dry. While the Stinger does fit a broad spectrum of faces, you must have a sense of confidence and appreciation for Italian-style to pull it off. The design is not for the self-conscious or those who prefer to blend in. Not sure what that really means to you? Try searching for Mario Cippolini highlights and you'll get the feel.


  • Iconic Briko performance eyewear w/ distinct, bold binocular shape, pure style
  • Medium fit/lenses, with flexibility and nosepiece adjustment to fit most face shapes
  • Lightweight, with dual lens design excellent wind protection
  • Top bridge of frame features directed ventilation holes
  • Soft rubber nose and ear pieces provide fit and hold
  • Frame/Lens: Matte Black/SM3 (Black Mirror), Shiny Black/BME (Blue Mirror)
  • Weight: 34 grams


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