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Pearl Izumi Sun Knees 2017

Pearl Izumi's Sun Sleeves popularizes the concept of sun protection and active cooling to the point where cyclists clamored for protection around the knees as well. The Colorado-based company knows about the power of the sun, given the fact that the Front Range gets over 300 days with sun a year. Just like the arm sleeve model, at first glance these knee sleeves appear to be simple lightweight sleeves that give you some sun protection. That is true, but the fabric technologies that have evolved over the last several years, be it a coating, or an integrated or impregnated fiber, have made these "replacements for sun screen" more effective at protecting against UV, and also now provide active cooling of the skin. That is right, your skin temperature can be cooler wearing these sleeves than if the skin was exposed, and these sleeves breathe freely, allowing perspiration to cool and release, as it should. The answer to how do they do that? is not simple, especially when you factor in that Pearl Izumi Sun Knees come in White, and Black. Yes, black Knee Sleeves that protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, and keep you cool as well. While the technical details are more complex, the easy answer is Pearl employs different technologies in each color. Yes, same product, but the color has dictated the technology used.

In the white color Sun Knees, Pearl utilizes Elite Transfer fabric, with larger yarn fiber structure that carries Ice-fil® technology. Essentially Ice-fil® uses Xylitol and air flow to create an in-fabric refrigeration system. Air flow comes in, moves through the fibers and carries warmth and moisture away from the skin, and the Xylitol is activated by the process. This technology has been shown to lower surface temps 3 degrees, while the fabric itself provides UPF 50+ protection. You get active cooling and excellent protection while basically eliminating moisture build-up. Ice-fil is much more effective in lighter color fabrics, but let's face it, sometimes you don't want to wear white, or just prefer black with your kit.

In the black Sun Knees, Pearl uses Elite Transfer fabric again, but this time the In-R-Cool variation, which is powered by coldblack® technology to keep you cool. coldblack technology is a treatment that is applied to fibers during the weaving process, so it is not a surface treatment of a finished fabric, but is essentially integrated into the surface of the yarn. This makes it last much longer than a purely topical treatment, and increased delivers protection over the 360 degree surface of each fiber of the final woven fabric. The Elite Transfer fabric then allows air in, and transfer moisture out, and coldblack technology blocks the suns rays, which adds to the cooling process by allowing heat to release. Surface temperatures can be reduced by as much as 6 degrees when direct sun is coming down on black fabric. Hence, coldblack technology that delivers 50+ UPF protection, but also active cooling.

Pearl always nails the features and details and the Sun Knees are no exception. The front and back panels employ two levels of stretch for proper fit and movement as you pedal, and the wide, highly effective, comfortable top gripper and reflective elements round out an exceptional product. The purpose and function of Sun Knees don't compromise. They protect you, and keep you cool and dry. Not every one is comfortable with sunscreen, which can skin reactive, block pores, and stain technical clothing. Now you have an excellent alternative that far exceeds what sunscreen can offer, and given the popularity of the Sun Sleeves, we expect to see Sun Knees on passing cyclists just as frequently.


  • Lightweight Knee Sleeves provide superior skin protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and keep you cool and dry
  • UPF 50+ sun protection rating
  • White color features ELITE Transfer fabric with Xylitol activated Ice-fil®
  • Black color features ELITE Transfer fabric with In–R–Cool® powered by coldblack®
  • Wide, logo'ed grippers are comfortable and ensure the sleeves stay up
  • BioViz™ reflective elements for low-light visibility
  • Front Panel: 93% polyester 7% Lycra® elastane; Back: 91% polyester 9% elastane
  • Colors: White, Black
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL
Reg Price $39.95
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