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MKS Sylvan Stream Pedal

Back about 3-4 decades ago, Japanese cycling component manufacturers were not known as industry leaders and driving innovation as they are now. They cut their teeth by producing high quality replicas of classic designs from Campagnolo and other Italian manufacturers. Fast forward 20 plus years and these once frowned upon knock-offs by the cycling purists are now highly revered products. Reason being, since most components are produced in China and Taiwan, and it's now refreshing to see the high quality of these Japanese products that are still being produced in the same factories to the same exacting standards.

The body of the pedal is constructed from polished aluminum while the attached cage is anodized and hardened steel. This cage has a serrated, saw-tooth profile on the rim of the pedal cage which provides grip to any type of footwear. The chromed steel axle is stiff and stout and turns on good quality, adjustable bearings. The Sylvan Streams are constructed in the Mikashima Industrial Company (MKS) factory in Japan, on the same machining tools and equipment for the past 40 years. These are a good choice for your commuter, town bike or any ride that you require a quality flat pedals.


  • Alloy body
  • Chromoly axle
  • Black anodized steel cage
  • Based on Campagnolo track pedal design
  • Quality bearings
  • Fully serviceable
  • Re-issue of an 80's classic
  • 345 grams
  • Made in Japan
Sale Price
Reg Price $34.99