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Mavic TraComp Spoke Removable Magnet

With Mavic's TraComp spoke-equipped wheels, getting a magnet to safely and reliably stay on the carbon spoke is limited to Mavic offerings. Originally a permanent version was pre-mounted on a front spoke, but if it was damaged or you required a rear non-drive option, you were sunk. But Mavic is never out of sorts for long, and this clip-on magnet, with plastic retainer was developed to give you the adjustability and flexibility you require.

The hollow carbon cylindrical TraComp spokes are found on certain Ksyrium R-SYS SLR wheels and tare featured throughout the R-SYS line-up. The removable spoke magnet is the only option Mavic recommends to ensure safety and spoke integrity. The compact, powerful two piece magnet comes with 4 composite retainers to guard against loss or misplacement.


  • Removable magnet and retainer specifically for Mavic R-SYS round carbon spokes
  • Safe and reliable design won't damage spoke, slip, or disengage during use
  • Two-piece Magnet comes with 4 retaining clips
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