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Vision Tech TriMax Alloy Clip-on TT Bars

Vision Tech's 31.8mm clip-on bars have been favorites of our customers for over a decade. The lightweight alloy models are offered with extension options, have proven ergonomics, offer clean installation, and good adjustability. With weights from 650-667 grams, these double-butted alloy bars are competitive with many carbon products. The two extensions are J-Bend and R-Bend, with J-Bend offering about a 30 degree up sweep for a natural wrist angle, and the R-Bend a more race oriented posture with hands- nearly level with the forearms. Various testing in wind tunnels have favored both versions, with too many variables to easily distinguish. Suffice to say that both offer the rider the opportunity to find the aerodynamic position that works for them. Bar selection is largely decided by how you prefer to place your hands. We can say that if you are better able to relax your upper body and hands, regardless of extension type, you will be happier. In general the R-Bend design is considered more aggressive and place more of a premium on flexibility.

Installing the TriMax Alloy Clip-ons is a breeze. You can easily access the handlebar mount clamp bolts from underneath. The sleek compression mounts for the extensions can be adjusted from under-side access points, and the cradles are adjusted from underneath the pads, which are held in place with velcro. Your width from bar to bar is a personal choice, determined by bike fit and perhaps your handlebar or basebar set-up. The extensions have 60mm to slide fore or aft- offering reach lengths from 230-290mm. Of course you can also rotate the bars to find the best angle for your hand placement. The arm cradle mounts have angle, width (40mm) and fore-aft adjustment options from 16 mounting holes in the mounting plate. The bolts are easily accessed from the top. The velcro mounted pad can be quickly removed and replaced as you work through the options. As for the pad itself, the TriMax offers a supportive cup shaping for your forearms. A high density foam is used to soak up road vibration and impact.

Standard 22mm openings can accept shifters, as well as Di2 electronic options, with internal cable routing and rear exit for a clean, efficient set-up. Vision keeps the pad position fairly low, but recognizes that some people will require risers for height adjustment. A 12.5mm spacer kit is available, but is not included with the bars. Vision's TriMax Alloy Clip-on TT Bars are favorites for triathletes and time trialists alike. With their simple installation and adjustment process, clean look, and proven aerodynamics, these are preferred clip-ons for many intermediate riders who prefer a modular aero set-up. Keep it light, fast, and simple with TriMax.


  • Alloy clip-on aerobars for 31.8mm basebar/handlebar sets for TT/triathlon use
  • Double butted alloy extension bars, forged clamping system, steel bolts
  • Easy set-up and adjustability via open-access underside bolts
  • Armrest has considerable fore-aft, angle and width adjustment
  • Extension reach is adjustable from 230-190mm
  • 22mm opening compatible with shifters and Di2
  • Internal cable routing with rear exit
  • Armrest height spacer kit sold separately
  • Options: J-Bend, R-Bend
  • Color: Black, with white graphics
  • Weight: 667 grams (J), 650 grams (R)

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