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Arundel Tubi Seat Bag

The Arundel Tubi seat bag isn't a throwback. There are certainly a large contingent of tubular riders out there. Sure some people use sealants, or prefer support via cell phone, but it is always the best idea to have a spare tubular tire with you on a ride. Many tubular bags seem to demonstrate a retro look and experience. Arundel has examined the options and concluded cyclists may actually want a few features besides a simple sleeve that will hold a tire

This bag is certainly a welcome addition for tubular users. Just tightly fold a tubular for a nice secure fit in the ample pocket. A CO2 cartridge can be placed in the first fold of the tire or in the separate zippered side pouch. The zippered pouch is perfect for yes and cash as well. The narrow, horizontal shape of the Tubi is designed with a minimal profile so it won't engage with your bike shorts. The strap is double sewn and it can be cinched tightly and secured. A leather zone prevents the saddle mounting hardware from rubbing on the bag.

While the Tubi is large enough to securely hold a well folded tubular tire, we also sell this bag to many clincher tire riders who want to carry more than just the standard tube and tools. Some small mini pumps fit nicely. It never hurts to have one of those cyclists on your group ride to bail out most riders like us that only carry the bare minimum. The narrow, vertically profiled set-up is ideal for such use. The Arundel Tubi bag is a perfect option for tubular riders and an option for forward thinking clincher riders as well. Let the two sides unite and conquer the roads ahead.


  • Narrow, horizontally designed under-seat tire bag
  • Securely holds a well folded tubular
  • Separate zippered side pocket for CO2, cash or keys
  • Slim profile won't interact with shorts
  • Double sewn strap can be tightly secured
  • Capacity: 35ci
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Posted on 3/6/2012

Awesome little bag, actually don't use it for a tubular, it holds two tubes, two c02 cartridges a tires iron and a crank bros multi 17 tool perfectly. I think the shape lends itself perfectly to being a seat bag. Love it.

Pros Good shape and size, quality zipper

Cons Could be a few bucks cheaper