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3T Vola LTD Carbon Aerobar

Are you serious about your aero position for time trial or triathlon but are unwilling to compromise on fit options? Just because you are a highly competitive athlete doesn't mean you are the most flexible or willing to suffer to the point of injury for your event. Perhaps you can manage a more aggressive posture for short events, but that 30k time trial or 140.6 Ironman requires a more comfortable position for optimal performance. The 3T Vola LTD Carbon Aerobar has proven aerodynamics, super light weight, exceptional comfort and a flexible, adjustable set-up. With a weight range from 725-850 grams depending on the stack height you choose, the Vola LTD is more than competitive in it's category. The HM carbon used is both incredibly stiff, but also light, while mitigating road vibration and impact. Both the sculpted base bar and the S-bend extensions feature this high modulus material.

The 38cm wide base bar itself is a wonder of engineering. Not only is it stiff for the occasional out of the saddle efforts, and has been laid-up in the sleek aero profile, the mounting interface for the risers are molded for integration into the bar. Obviously different riders and events can call for hugely different positions. The mounting hardware can allow an under bar-mount option for a hugely aggressive posture most likely used for the shortest events or by athletes who can both physically handle and maximize the lowest set-up possible. More commonly the rider will opt 30-97mm stack height through the three top mounted options, using the spacers available. The rotatable pad holders themselves offer 20-70mm (ahead of the center of the base bar) fore-aft and 220-340mm width options. These alloy cradles are light and stiff, and employ a thin bridge between then for a rigid, balanced support between the two. Neoprene pads offer excellent comfort and vibration damping with a high level of confidence for bike control and handling from the aero position.

The S-bend extensions can be moved fore-aft and rotated for optimal hand and arm comfort. The extensions are of the standard 22mm diameter and plenty long enough for most riders. Along with the base bar, the extensions accept all standard shifter/brake insertions from Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo. This is an aerobar that was developed and constructed for the highest levels of competition, but which features the set-up flexibility you'd expect from an entry-level alloy aerobar. It is true that the 38mm width can take some getting used to if you have been on 42cm base bar, but this adjustment is not as difficult as it seems, and the narrower outer zone makes for smoother, quicker transitions to the extensions when necessary. It is rare that we are blown away by a product, but the Vola LTD Carbon Aerobar is truly an amazing offering, and if you are a serious time-trialist or triathlete we highly recommend you seriously consider it.


  • A lightweight, highly adjustable carbon aerobar built for top-level time trial or triathlon
  • 38cm wide Base bar and S-bend extensions built with High Modulus carbon fiber
  • Contoured for ultra-smooth aerodynamics
  • Alloy New Comfort cradles, adjustable bridge, and riser options
  • Neoprene pads for comfort and control
  • Arm pads can be rotated in their clamps
  • Arm pad width: 220-340mm (measured at pad outer edge)
  • Arm pad reach: 20-70mm ahead of the basebar center (measured at pad outer edge)
  • Stack height: 30-97mm using included spacers
  • Extensions have standard 22mm diameter
  • Bar clamp diameter: 31.8mm
  • Weight: 725-850 grams depending on stack height
  • Color: Gloss carbon with white LTD graphics

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