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Zipp Vuka Riser Kit

Zipp's Vuka Alumina Clip Risers are designed for use with the Vuka Alumina Clip’s above-bar option. The risers are designed offer a wider range of adjustability within the Vuka Alumina aero-cockpit system.

The Vuka Alumina Clip Risers are available in three sizes: 10 mm (38g), 25 mm (70g) and 50 mm (120g). Each size of risers is sold separately in packs of two. The risers are not designed to be stacked, and for safety reasons, do not stack them.


  • Zipp Vuka Alumina above-bar clip Riser Kits to improve aero fit and position
  • Machined aluminum risers are sold in pairs, in three specific sizes
  • Risers must NOT be stacked
  • Sizes are clearly marked
  • Designed for Vuka Alumina 31.8mm base bar interface
  • Sizes: 10mm, 25mm, 50mm (sold in matched pairs)
  • Color: Anodized Black
  • Weights: 10mm 38g, 25mm 70g, 50mm 120g


Reg Price $25.00