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Ritchey WCS Carbon 1-Bolt Seatpost


The Ritchey WCS Carbon 1-Bolt seatpost was designed from ground up offering a reliable product with a clever saddle clamp at a very low weight.

The post and cradle are made from one piece of UD carbon fiber for better support and fewer moving parts. This also means no bonding or gluing, so the strength of the post is greatly increased, while the weight is decreased. The internally butted shaft shaves grams and produces excellent dampening characteristics.

The cradle on the top of the seatpost shaft is wide and holds Ritchey's ingenious Sidewinder 1-Bolt clamp assembly. This clamp mechanism allows you to adjust both angle and fore aft adjustment with one bolt at the same time. The bolt is located on the side of the seatpost for easy access. Adjusting your seatpost has never been easier. The assembly is also much lighter than standard clamp design, so this post is a winner in terms of light weight, strengh and ease of adjustment.

One note - the included clamp only works on standard 7mm saddle rails but Ritchey offers 1-bolt carbon clamp kits for 7mmx9.6mm (Fizik Carbon) or 8mmx8.5mm oversize saddle rails separately.


  • Carbon monocoque seatpost for optimal flex, comfort
  • Lightweight, strong, reliable, easy to set saddle angle
  • Low-profile head for optimal saddle clearance and sleek lines
  • Precision forged alloy clamp assembly with 12Nm torque spec
  • UD carbon matte finish
  • Setback options: Zero, 25mm
  • Diameters: 27.2, 31.6mm
  • Weight: 185 grams (27.2/350)
  • $167.96
    Sale Price
    Reg Price $209.95


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    Average Rating:


    Posted on 3/13/2017

    This post is stiff and takes most of the shock out of the road out of my ride. Fits perfectly into my Ritchey Logic 2 frame. At this price try it, you will notice a difference. FYI use a torque wrench while installing. The clamp that attaches it to the saddle is a little awkward to install yet it is quick to figure out.

    Pros Stiff, Comfortable,Light

    Cons One bolt design confusing at first


    Posted on 5/26/2011 12:18:41 PM

    Installed this post a few months ago and have to say that the 1 bolt design is the best I have ever used. Since the bike was new when I installed the post, I had to make many small adjustments when dialing in the fit. It was easy and held adjustment every time. This is far superior to the older 2 bolt design I had on an older Richey post.


    Posted on 3/11/2010 6:00:55 AM

    This is actually my second review of this post. I posted the 3 star review one year ago when I was irritated with it snapping out of place. I’d still go with the two bolt design if I was doing it over, but the purpose of this review is to average the 3 and 5 for a 4. No problems this past year.


    Posted on 9/16/2009 3:19:07 PM

    I’ve put a few hundred miles on this post I’m comfortable giving my review. For $200 this was an expensive post, but I was drawn by the Ritchey name, the beautiful look of their carbon, but primarily the one-bolt system. I was concerned with the other review, but ended up finding none of those problems. Ritchey did recall this post for inferior carbon, but Excel made a special point in checking my post to insure it was a post recall seatpost. I’m a 6 foot average build guy. For my seat height the graphics were fully visible. Installing the seat was easy and I’m very happy with ease of adjustment. I’ve had no seat slipping stays put. I did have some difficulty inserting the seatpost...primarily because I used Ritchey liquid torque on the post. I’d recommend against this. You’ll get the post about 3 inches in and it won’t budge from there. Maybe a conceit having spent this much money on a post, but I think it rides smoother


    Posted on 3/9/2009 10:42:38 PM

    I have found this stunningly beautiful post to be quite irritating, as the clamp has the unfortunate habit of slipping. I’ll be descending on my road bike, shifted back a bit on the seat; I’ll hit a slight depression and . . . "snap" - my saddle is pointing up at a 20 degree angle. I have finally gotten it to stop doing this by tightening it well beyond the maximum allowable torque. I’m hoping it doesn’t explode at an inopportune moment. (Not that there is a good moment for that.) One other complaint - (This is a nit-pik, but that’s fair game on a $200 seatpost) - The graphics run quite far down the post and most folks will end up with some of the logo inside the frame. C’mon Tommy, swallow some pride and make yer name a bit smaller. (Logo extends 13.5cm below the seat rails - fwiw.) If I could go back a few weeks, I’d go with the two-bolt version.