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Ritchey WCS Z Max Evolution Tubeless Tire

The Ritchey Z Max has been the best selling tire design Ritchey has developed. For decades Ritchey has placed an emphasis on vector force analysis to truly understand the loads and requirements of a tire while rolling flat, cornering, and under duress. The new Z Max Evolution 29er tire applies that science and experience to the needs of today’s riders and equipment. The lugs are spaced more widely than before, and are shorter in the middle than previous models. These changes equal speed and traction with less rolling resistance and more grip- all of which are essential to the 29er experience. The real increases can be noticed immediately when you run this tubeless ready tire in tubeless mode with lower tire pressure. With the greater contact patch that is one of the principles of the 29 inch wheel, a tire that can be run at lower pressure increases that contact surface.

One key to reducing rolling resistance while increasing grip is greater understanding how to use knob profiles, locations, and heights in conjunction with various rubber compositions and durometers. The buzz word is “dual compound”, which refers to using two (or more) rubber variations. Most commonly in everyday trail tires, you find a harder rubber in the center of the tire for durability and flat protection, and softer rubber on the outer edges to increase grip. As a general rule, this makes sense, but it is really the combination of materials and design that deliver real world results. A tire should feel integrated- not hard and soft- and be predictable at chosen pressure. The engineers at Ritchey have done their job with the Z Max Evolution. If you ride a 29er and favor an XC/Trail bike, ride the Z Max and discover what evolution can do for you!


  • 29 x 2.1 WCS level MTB tire
  • Evolution of Z Max design
  • Integrated Dual Compound rubber design
  • Fast rolling, with better grip
  • Tubeless Ready
  • 653 grams

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