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Bike Fit Wedge Shims

Formerly sold as LeMond LeWedges.

If you use a clipless pedal system you may be exposing your body to potential knee injuries. Approximately 96% of the population has what is known as a forefoot tilt. This is where the front of your foot is not flat but rather has an angle or tilt. Clipless pedal systems do not accommodate this tilt, instead forcing the foot into an unnatural flat position. The body compensates for this with a lateral (side to side) motion of the knee during the pedal cycle. This has the result of reducing power and creating muscle imbalances that can lead to premature fatigue and serious knee injury.


  • Helps to align knee for more efficient pedaling
  • Fix leg-length discrepancies
  • Each package includes 8-9 shims
  • Decrease lateral knee movement
  • Improve ergonomic fit to your bike
  • Shims are about 1.5mm thick on one side
  • Shims can raise cleat height about 7mm if all shims are used

Choose the correct shims for your pedal system

  • Select SPD for older SPD Road and SPD mountain
  • Select Speedplay for Speedplay Road
  • Select LOOK for SPD-SL Road, LOOK, Time and Campagnolo


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Average Rating:


Posted on 8/17/2012

These are really great. They work as intended in the large yellow and purple sizes. They do NOT work for spd because the soft polyethylene plastic squishes out under the higher pressure of the small cleat. At the spd size they would have to reformulated perhaps in aluminum to avoid the squishout.

Pros fabulous idea. work well.

Cons they're not up to the task in the spd version


Posted on 6/28/2010 11:25:55 AM

Years ago when Paul Swift first designed these I started using them. I have used them ever since, probably over 12 years, no knee pains, no ankle pains and from the first day I noticed much better pedal efficiency and power output.


Posted on 8/17/2008 8:46:23 AM

Highly recommended!!! Actually unlocked another 60 watts of FTP just by pure pedaling efficiancy. The first time rode with them I could tell a big difference in not only power, but also comfort. Based on what they say about 96% of the population having a tilted foot I dont see why they dont make more shoes to compensate for this. All in all a great buy.


Posted on 8/6/2007 2:44:12 PM

These are unbelievable!! I am pretty sure that EVERYONE could benefit from the use of these. They are absolutely no gimmick!! Make It 10 stars!!


Posted on 3/22/2007 10:28:47 PM

These shims are great. I think that any frequent rider should consider whether he/she needs them. Please note that I am not a medical doctor; however, I do have two suggestions. (1) When you are riding, test whether or not each forefoot applies pressure evenly across the pedal. For instance, in my right foot, I have forefoot valgus, which means that I am applying more pressure from the ball of my foot than from the outer part (away from the crank) of my foot. [My left foot is OK.] So, I used a shim with the thick end of the wedge under the outer part of my foot. Riding is now more comfortable, and I have (I think) a bit more power and certainly less knee pain (in fact, no knee pain). Supposedly, it is more common to have forefoot varus, which is the opposite tilt of the foot, which would require the thick end of the wedge to be placed under the inner (toward the crank) side of the foot. (2) Add only ONE wedge at a time. They generate more tilt more than you might think.