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Louis Garneau Womens Nimbus EVO Gloves

High-mileage gloves may end up being a tad heavier than lightweight fingerless glove, but if you want to protect your hands without losing tactile feel and control, there has to be a balance. Louis Garneau works hard to meet all rider requirements and the Women's Nimbus EVO Gloves have become a favorite of endurance cyclists, triathletes and adventure riders. With dual density, anatomically informed padding based on narrower hands, specific air-flow design, and quality materials, this is a great glove for anyone female cyclist who requires performance, ventilation, proper fit and useful, reasonable padding.

The patented Ergo Air® palm cooling zone has an X-shaped ventilation chamber that actively promotes air flow without compromising padding, fit, or tactile response. The perforated Amara synthetic palm material wears well, with a soft feel. Padding is supplied by the Biogel inserts which reduce pressure on the ulnar and median nerves, and reduces hand fatigue through vibration and impact absorption. The gel is applied under the metacarpals at a 2mm thickness, while the ulnar nerve gets 3mm and the palm heel is protected by 5mm of padding. You get progressive-thickness padding that makes sense, without losing flexibility in the glove or losing feel at the controls. Liberal use of 2-layer silicone treatment across the palm and fingers ensure you will have slip-free grip on your bars and controls, even when sweaty or wet.

The outer material features a two panel construction of 3D spandex and a spandex power mesh, both of which stretch and breathe, but at different rates. The end result is a lightly compressive fit. Retention comes from an inner wrist velcro closure. As you would expect, a soft fleece wiping zone covers the back of the thumb. The middle and little finger have silicone prepped pull tabs that make glove removal quick and easy- which after a long day in the saddle is highly appreciated.

The Women's Nimbus EVO Gloves have been a favorite of many road and mountain bikers, as well as all cyclists who simply need more padding. No sacrifices have been made. Fit, comfort, features, and bike control are excellent. Protect your hands with this fairly light, well padded glove from Garneau.


  • Short-fingered high mileage Women's glove,comfortable fit, gel padding, active cooling, narrower structure and shape than unisex glove
  • Outer hand has spandex power mesh and 3D spandex which breathe and stretch
  • Patented Ergo AirĀ® concept with X-Vent ventilation, channels air, releases moisture
  • Perforated Amara palm with progressive density anatomic Biogel padding
  • Multi-layer silicone coated palm for better grip and stability
  • Gel padding reduces pressure on metacarpals, ulnar and median nerves
  • Microfiber thumb provides wiping zone, moisture absorption
  • Ergonomic velcro cuff offers custom fit under wrist without constriction
  • Pulls at fingers to make removal easier
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Color: Black, White
Reg Price $34.99
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