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Castelli Wool Transition 12 Sock

Castelli has always made a good 3-season wool sock and the Transition 12 is no exception. The body of the sock is 4 fabric wool blend. About half of the sock is wool, which provides warmth and protection. The other half of the sock's composition is silk, nylon and elastane to supply elasticity and stretch, durability and anti-bacterial determent.

Castelli choose Merino wool due to the low-volume, quick-wicking appeal. Merino's strands are naturally hydrophobic at one end and hydrophilic on the other. This means the water is held by the hydrophobic end, then transported and repelled by the hydrophilic side. This causes an organic wicking effect that works without fail, even after many washings. Silk helps stave bacteria growth, while the combination of Nylon and Elastane give the sock needed elasticity for proper fit and performance. Also good to know, no rider wants a pure wool 3 season sock, the wool blend however proves to be the ideal design for comfort and performance.


  • Merino wool blend construction
  • Medium weight for mild to cool weather
  • Standard 12cm cuff
  • 47% Wool, 19% Silk, 18% Polyamide(Nylon), 16% Elastane(Spandex)

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